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The show it still live at the moment, come join in! He's covered an insane number of topics and theories, the dancing Israelis, the WTC cooling system, Back to the Future (Yes...), The Lone Gunmen, Film-makers... and so much more, I didn't get in until it was already 2 hours in...

I will place a link in here when it is finished...

Edit: Show is finally over, 5 1/2 hours and probably one of the best "documentaries" I've seen on 9/11... ever. Here you are

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In my personal opinion, after watching it all - I've got to say: Anhydrous-Ammonia steals the show.

jet fuel can't melt steel beams, but it can bring an anhydrous-ammonia cooling & refrigeration system to boil, a system whose central location was in WTC7.