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Proving God, or an absence thereof, is not a relevant argument.'s_teapot

There is nooooooooooooooooo shortage of government lies throughout history.

Blind faith in government is even stupider than blind faith in God, because government is verifiably abusive, exploitative, and deceitful.'s_razor is the excuse the government perpetually uses, but when it always works in their favour it's clear that it's more than just bad luck and stupidity.

If God exists, he is either all powerful but does not care, or he cares for us but is utterly impotent to help us. Why call him God?

Fuck God and fuck the Invisible Pink Unicorn. How do I know it's pink if it's invisible? The Flying Spaghetti Monster reached out his noodly appendage and touched my forehead and I saw that his balls were mighty and meaty.

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government is verifiably abusive, exploitative, and deceitful.

I agree in general. But I don't see what we are being scammed out of, by staying at home in this circumstance.

  • A future? Government depends on our future, through work and taxes.
  • Confidence in government, because it pointlessly keeps us home while even doubling hospitals is not enough? Government depends on confidence.
  • Money, because they get an excuse to print more money and devalue ours? They don't need an excuse, they just print it.

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They need the smoke screen of fear - to keep us "safe", to legitimize scams, and/or rig new laws - for the majority to accept their new full spectrum dominance.