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Whether they are padding anything or not, the US has had the most confirmed deaths in the past week, and shows no stopping of its exponential growth.

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That's odd. I thought their military didn't confirm the number of deaths they produce with their war machines. /s

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What? Could you please speak more concretely?

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Part 1: "Confirmed deaths" is a load of shit, regardless. The numbers vary from source to source.

Part 2: The US military does not count the number of people they maim and kill, intentionally or "collaterally" for a number of reasons.

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Part 1. It's the best guess of the authorities.

Part 2. What does the military have to do with this?

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Authorities will do whatever it takes to maintain authority over you. Trust if you must but ALWAYS verify.

The military was part of my lame sarcastic joke. Whether they use bombs or bio-weapons it's all tied together.

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I have an extended family member who is a doctor. Her personal advice is the same as the authorities'. Have you verified anything to back up your claim of "load of shit"?

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You can look over a lot of my posts. Kim Iversen doesn't have an agenda. She's typically a democratic progressive but for this event she's been particularly skeptical and open minded and actually done the research into the numbers, as many others have, and found them more than wanting. She cites her sources and you can look them up yourself. Or read through /s/CoronaVirus for more.


And that's just Kim.

Also, my dad is a doctor. He's also a smart idiot sometimes, and he cautious but skeptical usually, and knows there are serious systemic problems with medicine. (My brother is a chiropractor, altogether different, and my other brother has a doctorate even more different, and is a private school principal. Other family members are doctors too. I'm a flunky animation director.)

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Kim does have an agenda - getting sponsored on Patreon by spewing sensationalist crap. All I see is videos of her claiming stuff in front of the camera, with nothing to back it up.

This is garbage. I can't look through hours of bullshit video.

Take this one. Garbage.

  1. No actual study is mentioned, only in the title - bait and switch.
  2. Only her talking head, and a map of temperature.
  3. No links or references.


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Give me a fucking break. Then everyone has an agenda to eat. How much are you getting paid to shill contrarian bullshit here? If she's sensationalist then I'm a giraffe.

I'm done with you shill / sheeple / normie / troll, whatever the fuck you are.

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