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Why do people never provide citations?

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YEah now would be a good moment to link the full compilation alongside the PP one, at least.

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why stratfor??? there is video evidence he works for times warner (that means commie ted turner) (when a cop reads it out from his wallet), he is a mason, so were his parents, and he promotes cia guys like pieczenik and mafia connected guys like the freemason jordan maxwell.. he promotes uyghur cenk (commies)... these are all traditional jesuit front organisations.

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Maxwell is Jewish ; and many of the communist organizations are fronted by the CIA as Cointelpro. I just saw recently Anderson CIA Cooper on CNN interview a Corona Virus victim, most likely a crisis actor, who not only had FDNY, PDNY jobs, but also was directly involved in 9/11, past bombings, terrorism and you can't forget it, Communism. Anderson literally was feeding him a script and he cut him off and said:

"...yeah, I remember the weather underground and them bombing 11th street near where I live. Thank you for protecting us!"

Yes, the video evidence is by CaptainSlappy on YouTube. Jones works a block away from Stratfor headquarters and a few other intel. companies and had many pictures in front of a beautiful picture of the world with his fellow Cointelpro agents ; just so happens that picture is in the headquarters of Stratfor.

Just look up CaptainSlappy on Youtube and scroll down until you see the expose on Jones.

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Maxwell is Jewish

no citation?


features an owl (masonic symbol) on his channel header. not a good sign.

i find his videos frankly disgusting, full of msm entertainment (hollywood), satanist symbology and repulsive in general. i wouldn't recommend this to others..

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Welp, you just threw out your chance to learn the real history of the US and England.

All that crap is a parody, for people who need it to get through a video and he believes in God too. He's on your side and exposes The FSB. That's how I found Yuri, the Soviet defector.

Please don't do this Perloff crap again. All his videos are are paradoies with serious information in them that everyone must lause and read. To throw everything out the window because of the larody aspect of hos channel does a doservice to his work. Judge the information ie. Documents he presents.

By the way, he is poor. He ain't some Payster conspiracy theorician with 8 books, a podcast and a secret team of editors to make glossy videos. I realized the crappier the videos, usually the better the information. Why? Because these people aren't shills or paid by higher ups.

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again, i don't debate his theory about the corporations, i am just rejecting him as a vehicle of that information. plus, since i am not a lawyer i really can't critically assess any of that stuff. it can be humbug disinfo for all i know, and i am not going to waste my time on it..

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He's one of the only ones doing it.

plus, since i am not a lawyer i really can't critically assess any of that stuff. it can be humbug disinfo for all i know, and i am not going to waste my time on it..

Yes you can. Anyone can. Bar association Lawyers are Paysters and don't read any of this. It's not hard to understand at all.

And that's fine, don't waste your time. Some people want to learn the truth about the world and this is AS CLOSE to the truth as you will get. Of course Christ and God is the only real truth and they all know that. That's why all law is based on religion.

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i might revisit this when i learn a bit about canon law and other types of legal systems.

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This is his overview:

The Information War (For your Mind) ; The Real Big Conspiracy Nobody Cares to Talk About

Are you a PEASANT to them?

As told by Captain Slappy:

Because by law, you got your mind on money and your money on your mind. So do they.

Did God tell us to keep our mind on money or our mind on God?

What if I told you, you have never seen real law?

What if I told you, you have never seen a real jury trial?

What if I told only ever saw Grand, and Petit, Tax-Men, and Debt-Collectors?

What if I told you...everyone in a court room except an agent of the State, an agent of a corporation...or an agent of a private corporation, called the "BAR Association"?

What if I told you that your entire system, from day one, was built on fictional debt collection?

What if I told you, it is a Casino, and Human Resources Bank offering their account books to sign off on?

What if I told you it was part of the

What if I told you they banned the Star Chamber in England...then brought it back...and nobody noticed?

What if I told you they NEVER banned it in America, especially the northern plantations...and you have always used it, and had it used against you...except for those "free territories" that long ago, ceased to exist...when they infiltrated you.

What if I told you the BAR Association locked down the "just us" Justice system, by banning the peasants out of playing, to drain you dry, whether you were innocent or not, but that you were guilty before you stepped in the door?

Lots of incarceration in Prison of America.

After all...if you were not guilty...why would they force you to go to court, and beg a judge...for a jury trial he runs?...why would you have to sit in jail, sometimes for months, outrageous bond, or no bail, just to have someone tell you that the "State" or "County" declares you guilty?...a "verdict" delivered by a "jury" they chair...not allowed to be the judges of the law, or the fact...they are only allowed to be judges of HOW MUCH debt you pay, or what fact is ALLOWED.

...or that...of COURSE this is not law of contract...sign here, please. to the big "X"...and initial here...and here...

...this has nothing to do with Law, your fine is $500, and you have to pay the Probation or Parole Officer $40 a month...also, you have to pay for piss-testing, and...and...and...

overlook that whole part where "penal statute" is monetarily based.

Or that "Charges" are simply charges and claims of debt...for a fee, of course.

What if I told you that for the last 150 years, the "Just Us" system was nothing more than a revenue-generating ponzi-scam for private corporations, via company agents, win or lose, it's all the same on your end, that tastes almost the same as real law, to enforce not justice, and not law...but compliance?

What if I told you...your great-grandparents knew better than this.

What if I told you...that was why "monetary systems" were introduced, to turn you into nothing but a battery for the machine, that never stops eating, yet is bloated but never full.

What if I told you "legal" law, was nothing more than you walking into a company court, run by casino bosses and huckstering magicians, who are on the lookout for a fast buck, from an idiot john like yourself?

What if I told you they were rubes and marks too...but they "know better"...there is no conspiracy HERE, Comrade...there is no such thing as "class warfare" in a Fascist State run by corporations, for corporations...and the United Nations corporation...there is no social engineering...there is no behaviour modification...after all, "Law School" would have taught THEM what this is...right?

I didn't pay Harvard or Yale $400,000 for NOTHING but a shitty, 3rd rate, failed instruction manual from a Roman corporation full of shystering con-men that collapsed...due to idiot barbarians, who knew nothing of "great civilizations"...amirite?

What if I told you, at one time, it was against the law for them to do exactly what they are doing...but you cannot own a Mercedes-Benz doing THAT, or run for "Governor" (sole corporation)...or own a "State of" corporation...or...or...or...

...that if you didn't do couldn't infest every single town, village, parish or city with it?

That you couldn't break down loyalty to family, or loyalty to community...without it, to reshape it, Company Comrade?

What if I told you, they could care less about actual law or justice, as long as it LOOKS good in the dog & pony, as long as they get their Lex Roma Civilii cut & skim, by making you a devoluted rube, with no knowledge of the law, real, or theirs?

What if I told you, you THOUGHT you knew the law...and what if I told you, smartass, that's what you get for fucking thinking. need for me to tell you, pardner...I just showed you exactly that.

Let's say I did this video, because I owed you...and them too.

Guess that joke ain't so funny anymore, is it? Wait for the punch-line in 3...2...1...

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/u/formosaOolong /u/Chipit

Damning Evidence Against Alex "I have the documents" Jones and the Adam "Noah-hide laws" Green

Green invites on another possible FSB Cointelpro agent who also is directly connected to the Murdoch family and has an Israeli wife, Christopher Bollyn. I have both of his books and only recently started to wonder why the covers of his books resembles a strobe of golden light that shines on the US from Russia; resembling the path towards a multilateral world. Looking deeply into him on it also becomes clear that these connections can not be coincidental; all of these Conspiracy Researchers who spend everyday doing podcasts are Paysters, Cointelpro, and controlled oppositions.

It's crazy because Bollyn's books present plenty of legitimate information but that's the point, is it not? 98% truth 2% lies and disinformation or 100% truth but only to discredit, surveil, and distract. It's clear to me now.

As for Jones, it was my video that YouTube deleted. Then Alex the ZioCon "Arabs own the Federal Reserve" Jones took that video and used only the parts which were ambiguous. I posted it on reddit years ago. Can't link it now because I was banned.

Needless to say Jones has always been a controlled opposition:

^ ^ ^ There's the proof, he has STRATFOR connections. Cappy gets it. And Yuri, /u/useless_aether mentioned him, gets it too. Unfortunately he had a convenient heart attack in the early 90's.

STRATFOR was founded by Dr. George Friedman, an admitted Zionist. In an interview, Friedman was asked the following:

“Does being Jewish affect the way you view the world, I begin. “

Being Jewish keeps things in perspective,” he says, smiling.

We lost two temples.”

That's fine and dandy, it needs not matter if he's Jewish.

Alex Jones’ repeated denials and lies in regards to Zionism clearly indicate that he is a Zionist tool; Whether for Israel or Jesuitism ; or for the CIA as Countelpro. Aside being married to an Israeli, Jones has purposely lied and deceived his audience about the real Zionist threat to America. But America is a fictional corporation... This video also exposes Adam Green who had immediately responded to Cappy, that he was lying. After hanging in Israel, with Freemason Jake MorePhonyKibbutz.

...worked for a company (VIACOM) with multiple Israel contracts & with Mossad ties, and then working for/with Alex Jones (who everyone knows is paid by FSB/RT & STRATFOR/Mossad).


Such a trooper he is!

Also...Green then demands everyone saying he might be a weirdo shill, is also, an obvious shill. He then dodges all the facts in both videos, and claims it is mere coincidence. Hint: If you ever remember hearing that from Alex Jones daily for 20 years, or Jordan get the point.

You may note he doesn't disprove any fact at all, and simply states "it can't be true" and "that's not possible". It took me 6 minutes and 17 seconds to present the information. Technically a little over 3 minutes. It took Green 2 hours in differing videos to "explain away" everything. ESPECIALLY his Israel and Alex Jones connections.

Of course, he stated HE couldn't be pay2play, because that would make EVERYONE ELSE pay2play, and THAT isn't possible! (Pathetic.)

Also of Note: He responded as fast as he could to both videos, actually, only to the information above, and had no choice but to vaguely respond by claiming he is very important and to just trust him.

HE FIGHTS FOR YOU! SEND SHEKELS PLOX! (A literal rip-off of Alex Jones and Owen Benjamin.)

But that was all by design. It was built into the script; "come my flock, I am a wolf in Sheep's clothing, I attack the cointelpro.

Factual documentation. And THAT was his Alex Jones-tier reaction? OH MY.

Basically...that's the extent of Adam "Obvious Shill" Green.


For advanced gamers:

It should be really obvious, but look and listen close to anything he says after this point. You know where he is heading. He has no choice at all. You guys have done this enough to know what is coming. When it does, we can all have a good laugh.

Adam Green went on Red Ice with Henrik Palmgren. They are FSB/MOSSAD alt-right shills.

Lana Lokteff is totes not ex-CIA and "Red Ice" is totally not a front company for someone like Black Cube or Kroll!

Not that her father has ties to anything like that. The point is you must BECOME YOUR OPPOSITION TO CONTROL IT. THAT MEANS YOU MUST EXPOSE THE SIDE YOUR ON

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that video is unwatchable and cannot be taken seriously

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It is not unwatchable it is a parody. The point is this guy has amazing videos on the corporation of the US.

Pause the video when he shows tre documents and texts.

The beginning is just showing you the various documents proving the US is a corporation. Watch on and the evidence will become clear. The bideo isn't a one time watch but a pause and read thr documents.

This man has been exposing these frauds and the paysters and US Corp among thr FSB and Mossad for years.

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It's not unwatchable at all ; and you should not WATCH IT but read it. And it is possibly the best video among his others that is filled with information you will not find anywhere else from conspiracy theory paysters. It's ingenious. The first part, with all the old documents proves that the US is a corporation. It is not a country. Watch his other videos ; I'll post them later in a submission. His 2hr long videos are NOT like this video but him reading books and legislation proving the protection racket scam of ALLLLLLLL countries that are Corporations.

PAUSE on every document and read them.

That's the parody of it. It's funny because I messaged him awhile back asking him why some of his videos were quick paced and over the top. One reason for entertainment. He said because the people who don't want to learn will never stop to think to pause and read the screenshots.

That's what I did. And it is all laid out. Why does he have to introduce you to the truth that the US is a corporation, because then everything else falls into place.

Basically just pause and read the document and text. It makes perfect sense and proves the Soviet defector Yuri was right!!

I also knew you would say it is unwatchable. You're not suppose to watch it but pause and read it. It isn't about listening to it but reading the documents.

Again, THAT WAS THE PARODY of it. It's his style.

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i feel dirty after visiting his channel. i am not debating america is a corporation and all that, i just find his channel repulsive.

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He's a Janitor ; and does bounty hunting for criminals occasionally. And there's no debate at all, you would have to deny the truth to say the US currently isn't a fictional corporation. Get it? Lol. It is, only in fiction to them as we are subjects to it via SS# and being natural 'persons' in all.

The point is these people ; Jones and Green, even Ron Paul work for the corporation. Paul even incorporated himself to become a member of the corporation.

Jones has direct STRATFOR connections laid out in the middle to end of the video.

Pause it and read. The video should be taken seriously. Most people want fast paced images and strobe light with crappy music, he puts that in as a parody. Nobody who knows him sits there and watches the video, they pause and read it.

Trust me, or don't but he was the person who led me to research into the corporation aspect via the library and after that everything in Law and in Government made sense. It's been a ponzi scam since its inception and they admit to it in their legal language.

Woe unto you Lawyers."

Jesus said they take away the key of knowledge.

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i don't really care..

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That's the spirit.

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I know the thumnails and titles look odd, but that's the goal here, to lump this very serious work with the crap we see pushed from occult Hollywood.

The Owl simply represents Wisdom, it's an animal after all. It doesn't mean he is some moloch worshipping baby eater.

I think if you sat down one day and watched his video on corporations you'd be astounded. I was, and it took me awhile to take seriously his videos because like you, I thought he might be a shill, in fact, who knows, he could be, so I took it upon myself to ACTUALLY GO TO A LIBRARY. And read many of these documents that nobody cares to read. It is truly astounding and makes perfect sense how the occulted powers TRY to control us.

Maybe you saw pepe the frog in a thumbnail. No he's not a pepe supporter. It's a parody making fun of them.

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not for me..

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That's fine. I would have thought you would have found it curious. It is the elephant in the room, if you will. This is bigger than 9/11. It is a scheme of a thousand years.

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i am aware, it's the empire.

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I didn't know that it was prisonplanet that did that, but I was pointing that out back when it was a thing months ago. The videos that were spreading around on youtube didn't have the best clips.