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It's amazing they just run in to him, walking around out and about by himself. He looks like he's walking from the opera to his limo or something. He doesn't even need bodyguards because so few people recognize him despite his power.

That's true power, when you can own a dozen countries through their central banks and hardly anyone even knows who you are.

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I agree. What I display of raw power. If he was mugged, he'd give the mugged $10,000 cash, then have the mugged murdered. are social geniuses. They used his hubris to ambush him.
I would love to know what Jacob was thinking when he was told that the new world order was illegitimate, and that people were waking up. That people weren't going to let him win.
He was speechless.
Bravo Wearechange!!! It was likely the first real assertive in-person challenge in Jacob's life. What courage. -Well played! <Clap, clap, clap>.

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Interesting historical detail. The folks at are former employees of Infowars, and were instrumental in producing the, "Loose Change" documentary exposing the lies of 9/11.
Say what you will about Alex Jones, but it's difficult to deny the fact that he recognized and exposed many to the general public. He said some crazy things, but he was taken out because his message was a legitimate threat too the system.
I am not an Alex Jones follower. I disagree with many of his ideas.
However, I support his right to publicly say things that I don't agree with.
Free speech is now for the ideas you agree with.
Free speech that's are important to slow the public to be exposed to ideas that they do not agree with.
Listen to opposing ideas.
You might be wrong...
They might be right...
How will you ever know if you cannot hear them?