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bought so much gold, that is in a safe near here, that now, we can't even go abroad 'cause I overdid it and have almost no free cash.

top grade first world problem right there :-))) just sell some of it man. why be stressed about money if you have gold?

i am also thinking of buying some silver, maybe gold, but am not too serious about it. i am more of a 'buy a chest freezer and stock it with food' and 'gather firewood' type of guy.

the way i see it, gold and silver are ultimately for buying other, more useful stuff, so why not just buy that stuff straight away. no extra steps. there is also something sinister especially about gold, that keeps me away.. funny, but i dont feel the same about silver.

i made a s/preppers sub just the other day. this convo would fit there!

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You don't like shiny things? :) If you had a few oz. of gold sewn into your jacket, you can hump that a lot further than an equal value of silver—right now anyway. I was just ready to sell some gold a few months ago, but the price has been dropping steadily for the last few months. When it spikes up, I am outta here on the first plane. One thing I have learned though is, there is really very little I need besides this expensive roof over my head.

Will check out s/preppers.