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You're the one who told me about them. A friend called them crypto-Jews, but I guess they can shape shift to whatever religion they like, so we can have a global evangelic alliance, whether we like it or not. And what is up with the Vatican's telescope in Colorado? [Edit: Arizona]

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named lucifer (with these guys, everything is called that) and revoltingly built on indian holy grounds. just like mauna kea. they are after all, white supremacists

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I didn't know know about Muana Kea being sacred ground for Hawaiians, but have driven over the Saddle Road from Kona to Hilo maybe fifty times. Have you been on the Big Island? Used to have an apartment at Magic Sands in Kona.

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oh lucky you! i never visited hawaii, just got the info from this video:

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Will watch it now. Yeah, I had that apartment for about 15 years and there was no change in the value, but in 2007 it suddenly jumped way up, and I sold it just in time to avoid the imploding bubble. EVERYBODY, told me not to sell, including my accountant, but I did anyway. He has never sent me an email since then, but I got out at the right time. My market advice, free to you, is: buy low, sell high. :) [That was funny and so true. I got along well with the locals though. Just treat them like human beings and offer them a large joint. Works every time. Yes, that is the way I roll, when I can, but now I am in an undisclosed (VPN protected), secure location outside the US, where such things are illegal.]

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    I've never made the butter, but will give it a try. There must be a recipe online. You are a font of information, and I appreciate it. Last night I had been drinking with a friend, something I used to love, but had to give up because I liked it too much. Anyway, that's the reason I was talking big and mentioning finances and such.

    Normally I don't do that, but he brought some booze and naturally I drank it with him. Then I wrote some weird stuff. Anyway we seem to be on the same page. I was just joking about buy low, sell high, since it is obvious and you don't need any advice I think.

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    its all good, happy you had a good night w/ a friend. on one hand, i dont like to put too much personal info online but otoh i still want to be able to interact with people normally... a balancing act i guess. btw i used coconut oil.

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    You are right about personal info. That's the reason I use a vpn and will never go back to reddit—half the people in a given thread were intel or similar. Don't trust anyone, but I am cool. : ) The right people can dox any of us, and that is why I don't announce just where I am, as if they don't know. But I am small fry for them.

    I used to live in Mexico and started buying Libertads—one oz. of 99.9999% silver. Then got here and started buying gold. About a year ago I got paranoid and bought so much gold, that is in a safe near here, that now, we can't even go abroad 'cause I overdid it and have almost no free cash. We learned to live on almost nothing.

    Paranoia strikes deep

    Into your heart it will creep

    Neil Young. He has a house on the Big Island. Never met him but know the guy who used to wash his windows.

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    bought so much gold, that is in a safe near here, that now, we can't even go abroad 'cause I overdid it and have almost no free cash.

    top grade first world problem right there :-))) just sell some of it man. why be stressed about money if you have gold?

    i am also thinking of buying some silver, maybe gold, but am not too serious about it. i am more of a 'buy a chest freezer and stock it with food' and 'gather firewood' type of guy.

    the way i see it, gold and silver are ultimately for buying other, more useful stuff, so why not just buy that stuff straight away. no extra steps. there is also something sinister especially about gold, that keeps me away.. funny, but i dont feel the same about silver.

    i made a s/preppers sub just the other day. this convo would fit there!