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Real, but overblown & planned. Either way, someone needs to spread this virus to the rich elites

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Who are the people that can travel vast distances around the globe? Say from China to Europe and from Europe to the USA?

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Corona viruses aren't new. 7% of flu viruses are Corona. The death rate is 4%. This years flu vaccine will be switched to include Corona.

Media hype, enemy of the people.

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Another pretty but scary looking site.

How come now suddenly designers are embracing the Dark Themes?

Apparently now Facebook has one for their new simpler design (I have bothered to try).

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I have always preferred darker background with light text. I don't know why most sites go for that blinding white background but I find it TERRIBLE.

I feel that dark backgrounds are more soothing to the eye while bright ones are just painful to look at. Of course my suffering from migraines and the photophobia that comes along with it might have something to do with it. Still, I find it extremely useful that sites such as this one let you choose.

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I agree, re dark theme. However, instead of dark grey the black and warm to hot colours seem unnecessarily ominous for such a well designed site.

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If you use a version of Chrome, turn the dark flag on. In search bar, about:flags

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Nice, thanks.

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Also, RESEARCH Event 2 "World" 1. It was a GLOBAL PANDEMIC Drill for the COrona Virus held in October of 2019. All the talking points considered there, jsut so happen to be pushed know, such as censorship, misinformation and encryption.

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It's just called Event 201, not 2 "World" 1. No one can find it in google with those terms

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The logo in the middle is of the world. So, it really resembled agenda 21, more or less.

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I get the wordplay, it just makes it hard for other people to find more info on their own, which is super important imo. Just wanted to be clear for others to have the most searchable info possible

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Feel the same. Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong but last time I checked a couple days ago there has been roughly 160000 confirmed cases 75000 recovered and roughly 5000 have died. Am I wrong with these numbers? This seems like a very small amount on top of most of these people dieing are 70+ right? I'm not trying to be dismissive I'm genuinely interested in what people find scary about this virus. Didn't 2009 swine flu infect something like 60mil in US alone, killing some 13000 or something? Again if these numbers are wrong please please someone correct me. Feel crazy trying to figure out what everyone is so terrified about. It does seem unreal what's happening and even more unreal how people are just accepting it...

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The Yellow Vests could care less though ; still protesting for the sustenance they earned through labour. On their livestream I was asking them questions and everyone of them said the CoronaVirus was a PsyOp and that Americans are pussies.

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Ok... but are the numbers right?

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How can we know. If anything, their desire to withhold tests makes it seem like the lethality % is greater than it really is, hence panic, probably intentionally broadcast panic, becuase many rich elitists who happened to be at the Global Pandemic Corona Viris drill ie. Event 2 "world" 1, made hundreds of millions off of the panic. But if millions had it or have it with zero symptoms or are recovering from it, then the lathality % is miniscule and the complete shutdown/lockdown of the US is a spit on republicanism, what little was left of democracy and the constitution.

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The test is not validated. This means it could give positives only on covid-19 and positively identify all covid-19 infections. Or it could be incredibly inaccurate and trigger false positives from other viruses and miss some people who are infected. The point of validation is that you know your test is good. But we don't know that. As such, the numbers mean nothing.

Also, there is never any way to identify a viral cause of death unless said virus has been EXTENSIVELY studied and in most cases it is the only major pathogen found in the person's body. If somebody has emphysema and covid-19, did the covid kill them or the emphysema? The way things are tallied now is, death WITH covid-19 is considered death BY covid-19.

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Then the numbers mean even less and the hysteria is even more overblown. This is exactly the thing we've been saying the response is not proportionate to the threat. It's manufactured on a boogey man.

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In order to further a totalitarian agenda. But the Qtards are all applauding­.

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I don't like the hypothetical aspects and vague numbers and stats.

Hypothetically we're all infected even those who passed the test, may have caught it since.

Hypothetically there's a commie terrorist under every one of our beds until we check.

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I didn't see these as vague number. I did round but those numbers are what is being reported and what has been reported for both the Coronavirus and the swine flu. Whether the numbers are hypothetical or not it's what the mainstream is reporting. My question, which has yet to be addressed, is are those numbers right in the sense of is it what they are reporting everywhere? And if everyone is seeing those same numbers my follow up question is why all the hysteria when those numbers look crazy low when looking at swine flu. I agree with you Jason, the number are hypothetical and don't mean anything in reality but I was looking for someone of the other side of the spectrum, someone who is frighten by the numbers or what going on, to try and explain to me why. What is the reason why you are sacred if the raw numbers show that it doesn't seem to be that bad? So with that in mind idt you can answer the question because you like me are not frighten by this virus or anything else. We see thru it. I'm trying to find someone who doesn't so that they can explain to me their thought process.

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Nicely stated.

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I've appreciated your viewpoint on this though. The raw numbers don't tell the whole story and may be totally hypothetical, like you said, but at a minimum are being twisted to try and make the virus seem worse. Not be crass but it seems to be killing only old people or people with underlying problems.

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I appreciate your appreciation. It's the opposite way to shut me up. :P

Numbers don't lie. But the people who use them may. Especially if they have something to gain. They can make up the numbers or they can select which ones to use.

If 100 people with the virus go to a hospital and 3 die - that seems scary. But how many hundreds or thousands don't even bother to go to the hospital. Yet they can imply that there's a 3% chance that you could die. They also imply that everyone is destined to get it because it's just ever so contagious. Yet they claim they still don't really know enough about it all.

My parents are retired "useless eaters" and Boomers and I am legitimately concerned for them, their health, and their mental health. What if my Mom decides she never wants to hold her grandkids again? (I have no kids, buy my brothers do.)

And of course they will eventually mandate vaccines and/or social ostracizing and punishments for those who won't. Meanwhile shit like the EARN IT Act will be passed, etc. And of course if the economy was so strong, why did a little invisible flu cause a collapse and trillion$ bailout. This is indeed this generation's 9/11.

And then there's the worst thing for me.

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It's not so much the total number dead... it's how catchy this bug is. One person can infect between 3 and 6 other people. That's WAY higher than the flu. And the death rate is also way higher. So it is expected to be around 30X as bad as the flu (in terms of total numbers dead) at a best-case scenario.

The growth rate is truly terrifying. Humans are bad at understanding parabolic growth. Check this site out: Hit the drop down menu where it says "Global" and change to -> Americas -> US. It's not how many people have it. It's how fast it is growing. It will overwhelm the US medical system in a matter of weeks. There are not enough ICUs or respirators in the USA (we need 30 times more than we have).

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But who's making up these numbers? (That's a very neat but scary looking site. See also )

Is this real or dogmatic blind faith in Scientism?

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Who is making up what numbers? The infection rates? They've been published in a dozen studies. Look up something called R0 (Pronounced R-naught). It is the rate which one infected person infects others, which is how fast the disease multiplies. I've been looking at this for months and the R0 value for coronavirus is likely somewhere between 3 and 6, meaning every 1 person infects 3-6 other people. I've seen numbers in published papers saying 4.7 to 6.8. There is a lot of uncertainty, but we see that the case number in the US is doubling roughly every 3 days.

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It's not just who, but how they get their numbers, how they select them, and how they present them.

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Show me how the death toll is higher than the swine flu. Do you have sources. Your making statements without any proof. To say some is expected to be something isn't a valid statement. It might not get to be around the 30x you are saying. Where did you get that from? The TV? This is my problem a lot of this hysteria hinges on the idea that "we don't know". How is the grow rate any worse than swine flu tho? Look at a time table of when swine came thru between 2008-2009 it's crazy. 60mil in the US alone we're infected. There were over 250000 hospitalizations, didn't wreck the healthcare system. This is all hysteria drummed up by the media. This outbreak isn't any worse than 2009 swine flu. What is different is news companies running 24 he coverage on it that shows every confirmed infection so people worrying about infection rate rather than mortality rate. The mortality rate for Coronavirus is at the highest 3 and at the lowest under 1%. Granted that's higher than the flu but much lower than past epidemics i.e. mers sars etc. Again saying something might be something, like you saying "it is expected to be around 30x" is just parroting what you hear on the TV. Do some independent research my friend you'll see the number are not that scary. 160000 cases worldwide and only 4000 deaths most of those older people with underpinning illnesses. This thing is not killing just Willy nilly it's targeting people are almost about to die and could of died frm a number of other things. To shut down a country like this, wreck the economy, etc., Is the silliest thing ever and for people to defend the gov taking away their rights is the height of bizzaro world. Liberties will be taken in the name of security. That is what is happening right now. Turn the TV off bro.

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Yes, here is hard data: Click on "More Graphs".

These are comparisons of the infection rates and death rates of H1n1 Swine Flu, SARS, and Coronavirus. Please look at this site and tell me I'm wrong. If you refuse to look at hard numbers, then I don't know what to do with you. You claim that swine flu infects faster and kills more. The hard numbers absolutely say the opposite to both.

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Checking in two months after your comment. Closing in on 100,000 deaths in the US.

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hat's conjecture though not reality. Why would this soon change though? That's just a guess it doesn't mean it will become reality. Look at numbers in South Korea their infection rate has been going down and they aren't even doing a full lockdown. How do you account for that? Saying it's going to get worse or better is conjecture, and saying it's going to get 30x worse is just hysteria. Some countries infection rates are dropping while the mortality rate is staying constant. Again consider the mortality rate with a grain of salt it's most 70+ people with underlying health conditions. So again I ask how do you know it will get worse? I'll answer that, you don't.

You're also not addresses the fact that 2009 swine flu had more infections at a fast rate and killed more people. Have you look at the numbers yourself? Making up hypothetical situations where the mortality rate somehow jumps from 1% to 30x that is hysteria and I'm sure it's something you saw on the TV from one of the experts. Bro again, turn off the TV

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I have some answers to your questions, but you need to go here first: then click on "Show More Graphs". Comparisons between coronovirus and swine flu. Coronavirus is infecting far more people, far faster, and it is killing far more people, far faster. The numbers are not wrong. Look at the graphs.

South Korea is a special case. They are not in lockdown the way that you and I would understand it. They have drive thru testing for anyone who wants it, and they text you the result a couple of days later. They have mandatory temperature checks every time you want to leave your building to go to the store. If you are running a temp, you are immediately put into isolation and tested. They question you to determine who you have been in close contact with, and they isolate and test all of those people, too. South Korea's response has been really impressive. The US won't do anything like that, or if they do, it'll be far too late. Did you see the photo of those teens partying in Florida on the beach during Spring Break? Many were warning the governor and the local authorities to shut that down. They didn't. Nine people are known to have been infected already.

The graph of the infection rate in the US is terrifying. We went from 4,000 to 19,000 in FOUR DAYS. Go look at the link I put above, and hit the drop down menu where it says "Global" and change to "Americas" -> "USA". Look at the graphs. Look at them! If you don't, I won't waste any further conversation on you.

I will link to a leaked US government document that states they expect this pandemic to last 18 months and kill 2 million Americans. They expect widespread civil unrest and an almost total economic collapse. It's 100 pages long (PDF warning), but here it is: U.S.Government COVID-19 Response Plan

The thing about exponential growth is that it sneaks up on you, then it's far too late to do anything about it. NY State went from dozens of cases to 7000 in days.

We know that the mortality rate from influenza is 0.1%. We know that the coronavirus rate varies widely depending on how much medical care is available. 20% of cases go into ICU. Somewhere between 0.8% and 6% will die. The lower number is if you have excellent medical care and enough ICU beds, ICU nurses, and ventilators. The upper number is Italy, a totally overloaded medical system. Italy has the second best medical care in the world. That report that I linked above says that the US needs 30X more ICUs and ventilators than it has. We are going to have it even worse than Italy.

This is going to kill hundreds of millions worldwide. I will invite you back to review and comment in 1 month.

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Checking in on your comment two months later. The US now is closing in on 100,000 dead and over 1.5m confirmed cases.

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We know the numbers are inflated so check back in when the backpedaling stops and we get real data. Turn off the TV my friend.

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Well I had coronavirus and I have permanent lung damage now. Infected by an idiot coworker that came to work sick early on. So why don't you turn off Fox News and look at the data.

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Anecdotal evidence much? I'm sorry you got sick but the fact is that story doesn't make the data any more legitimate or illegitimate, its just a story from a random person on the internet. My experience has been much different. I know of a lot more people who have been effected by the lockdown, getting later off, losing business, etc., and on the flip side don't know of one person who got COVID or was effected by it. Both of these things are called anecdotal evidence my friend. It proves nothing. You think Fox news is any different from MSNBC abc etc? If you do you're not very intelligent. I don't watch TV so I don't get my news from mainstream media. Maybe you should turn off the TV in general and stop thinking that anyone who has a different opinion than you watched a different channel on that stupid box. It's not about left or right my friend wake up and see the light. Stop playing their game.

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People are "recovering" but the "recovered" number keeps changing as they relapse. Notice how it's "recovered/discharged" not simply recovered.

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What does that mean tho? What is the difference between recovered and discharged? Wouldn't they not be discharged if they weren't going to fully recover at some point? Genuinely interested, thank you for the reply.

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Well you've answered that one yourself, it means they are assumed to be fully recovered as opposed to confirmed, so this number is not accurate. We've had a sample space of 1 month of information from outside of China and we also know it's immuno-suppressant meaning you can get it again or get a relapse.

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This makes no sense. 160000 infected 75000 recovered those are the number I've seen. I fail to see any difference. People how are recovered are recovered, right?. Are we now creating a new definition of recovered? So you get again and get sick aagain and recover? Again where is the hysteria coming from? You can get sick from the flu two times a year, it's not like that is a novel thing. This is what the news should be reporting on not how many infected but how many and WHO ITS KILLING. Just a certain section of.the population, that's it. Not to be crass but that is no reason to shut down a country.

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Supposedly 51k recovered in China and their infected number has been sitting around 80k for a long time, and this is the majority of the numbers we are seeing and basing our information off of. This will soon change. Look at countries' statistics outside of China.

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    Sounds like you're either making assumptions about what I'm thinking or you're wasted and think you're replying to someone else.

    Your fact about swine flu is so linguistically ambiguous that you have to clarify it.

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    South Korea's numbers are going down. Also saying "this will soon change" us conjecture not fact. Let's say for a sec they don't change but come more inline with other countries that are showing decreased numbers. See that's the problem with conjecture you can just keep making up situations till the cow comes home. The amount of gov overreach because "something" might change or w.e hypothetical you want to throw out doesn't valid their actions. It also doesn't validate what you're saying. That last comment was for someone else not wasted. I do enjoy the herb though.

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    "This will soon change" was in relation to us soon having a proper sample size that outweighs the Chinese which will happen as China has expelled all their foreign journalists and is now not even reporting numbers anymore. Also, same.

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    What about South korea?

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    You posted this 2 days ago and the current info (middle of the night Friday 3/21) is:

    Total infections worldwide: 276,342

    Deaths: 11,423 (4.1%)

    Recovered: 91,905 (33.3%)

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    Thank you I appreciate the updated numbers. This interesting to check out

    The last graph shows the break down of deaths by age group. Don't know if one of the three posts you put up mentions this but this is the point that I think needs to be highlighted. The mortality rate will come down even more with more testing too. At this point I can understand how the infection rate is frightening to people but other than that this virus does not seem to be killing mass amounts of people but only a select age group. This is something that I think has been talked about enough. Infection rate is surprising though.

    Also surprising is examples like India, which is one of the most densly populated places yet almost has no cases...? And south korea,, what they're doing to control it seems to working very well. Has anything been reported on what's happening in places other than Italy? Germany, UK both seem to be doing well in terms of cases vrs deaths or hospitalizations. Some very interesting examples. Indais example can be explained away by more boogey man stuff and maybe they are right. With more testing maybe India's numbers will rise but stillcinterwting what other countries are doing and what the media is focusing on.

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    not currently. i had that feeling for a while after the election in 2016

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    I think they knew the economy was going down so they either hyped this up or they helped it spread to distract people, do whatever they want to keep the economy afloat, and stop people from abandoning the dollar.... I don't think its going to work. I wish they picked the moral approach for once, just once!

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    This 100%. It was a planned 10 year recession and they needed to blame it on something.

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    Couldn't agree more.

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    Well, yes. The proportions don't seem right. The proportions of response to threat levels I mean. Don't get me wrong, last thing I want to do is downplay the virus. If the official numbers are to be believed at all, it has an enormously high spread rate and could become seasonal, effectively a new worse version of the flu (which would be bad, as it would kill people each year, cause disruptions in the economy, and overall decrease human happyness). But the sheer extremity of the measures taken seems... yeah, out of proportion is the best way to describe it. It seems they are trying to systematically abuse this crisis to limit freedoms and human rights, which calls into question whether this was an accidental release or a planned operation.

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    Much like the disproportional War Of Terror, War On Drugs, hype for elections, political correctness hype, hype against Syria, Venezuela, Iran, etc, etc, etc.

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    None of these things limit the freedoms of your average citizen in such a way as the quarantines now. I live in Germany, they have started prohibiting people to go out in some places (not even the epicenters of the virus), we have Merkel saying that probably 2/3 of Germans will be infected, we have schools, restaurants, pretty much everything closed down that's not a supermarket. Something like this is quite literally unprecedented.

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    Depends on a lot of things and how you look at it.

    There in Germany you've been forced to pay for war crimes to benefit a few, while the rest of those who suffered in WWII got no such reparations. You've also been forced to buy into NATO, etc etc etc.

    In North America we have excessive military forces many of us don't want, much less want to pay for and would rather pay for better education, healthcare, food, and less hours working for the man and banksters.

    The War On Drugs steals people years and even lives. That's a severe limitation.

    I agree this new thing is quite unprecedented, though very reminiscent of 9/11.

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    Definitely believable. But anything more than that is just paranoid motherfuckers, IMO.

    [–]magnora7 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (3 children)

    There's definitely plenty of opportunities for government over-reach over the next few months, and people should be vigilant. But also the pandemic is real and needs to be taken seriously.

    [–]Jesus[S] 3 insightful - 2 fun3 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

    Is it though? Do we really know that for a fact?

    [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

    Exactly. The numbers of dead are what they claim. Who are "they" and who do they work for?

    also lower

    [–]astronautrob 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Is this pandemic real though? I mean I know WHO is officially calling it a pandemic, so by that standard it is real but idk if that's a solid gauge to use when looking at whether this is really is a pandemic. And even if it is a pandemic doesn't the pandemic designation relate to infection rate and not mortality? Genuinely interested cause I did read that somewhere. So maybe it is a pandemic but what if it's a pandemic that's not killing anyone or even making a plot of people really sick? Should we care about it as much as we do? Should we allow what is happening on a local and Federal gov level to be happening? All because of this "pandemic"? I say no

    [–]Horrux 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

    Here are some good facts that truly bolster that feeling:

    [–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)


    [–]legendgamer320 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (0 children)

    No. Just seems like the government viewing everyone else as disposable as always.

    [–]RuckFeddit 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    Or they know something we don't and are trying to keep the economy afloat by not causing a panic, such as the lung fibrosis it has caused or the cases of relapses in China where we're just not getting numbers from anymore. We've been brainwashed by Hollywood to believe there will suddenly be some stunning announcement in a situation like this and then the shit starts to hit the fan, in reality it would be exactly like this, a trickle of information sprinkled with "I told you so" concluding with "we're fucked but I told you so."

    [–]TheOtherSide 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child)

    Feelings are not a very good benchmark for reality. I have been fooled by emotions too many times to have any kind of faith in feelings.

    Do I think we are not being told the whole truth? Yes. We are never told the whole truth. Most likely for technical reasons.

    Is the government holding some information that they should tell us? Now is where the guessing game comes into play. The most obvious question are:

    Is this virus genetically engineered as a weapon?

    Who made the virus?

    Does a vaccine exist that is not being made available to the general population?

    Was the Virus intentionally released into the population?

    Has the Virus gotten away from the perpetrators?

    Is the virus genetically engendered towards a particular race?

    Who is the target?

    What is the goal of releasing this virus?

    The answers to these questions create dozens of new questions. Will we ever get answers to these questions? Most likely not.

    What will you do with your feelings? Will you grab ahold to one of these possibilities and run with it? Building upon your feeling where you might take actions towards someone? Kind of like the lefties latching to the fantasy that all white males and anyone on the right is racist, sexist and violent. Then justifying initiating violence against them because their words equal violence. Initiating violence is extreme. Most people will never go that far. How far will you go thou? Doxxing someone, and initiating a hoax hate crime against them to have them removed from social media and their job? This is another favourite of the extreme left (Antifa in particular).

    The most rational reaction is to be skeptable but doesn't condemn without evidence. Evidence is the key to separating myth from reality. Some people are racist. What is your evidence to make this assessment accurately? Information a may have evidence, but does information b have evidence to support a different accusation? An example taken from our friends in the Social Justice Worriers world would be, if you put America first then you must hate people who are not Americans "You are racist". False. You can not draw that conclusion accurately from the evidence given new evidence is necessary.

    What evidence do you have to support the government has nefarious intentions? I would love to hear it. There are several instances of the government lying to the American people, but that does not mean this time it's happening.

    [–]Jesus[S] 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    I have entire posts about your own government orchestrating 9/11 w/ 5th column neoconservative ZioCons. Yes, your government is a breeding ground for doing nefarious things.

    All one has to do is go back in history and look at the various legal tender bills and the bankers who paid their governmental lackeys. A system of greed and parasitism has always existed in your government.

    The question should be ; can we prove the Virus is real?

    Can we prove what strain it really is?

    Can we prove the diagnostic tests are accurate or even work?

    Can we prove the statistics being broadcasted?

    Whatever the case may be the people in power pushing all these measures, coincidentally considered in the Event 201 Global Pandemic drill for a novel Corona Virus, were the key players involved in another fraud orchestratedd 30 years ago, which continues to this day. That fraud is Borrelia Burgdorferi, and they effectively downplayed its severity, only after 1994 when all the patent holders, recombinant kit holders, and vaccine companies as well as the CDC, conspired to falsify its case definition and patent a reliable and accurate test that they then "threw into a vault" and instead used an inaccurate test, manipulating the antibody cut-off so that the sickest patients from this infection, would not test positive, ie. 86% of them. They them used this falsifed test to determine the efficacy of their vaccine, that they invested millions into, but knew wouldn't work because of antigenic variation. The vaccine ended up killing a few people, and it was taken off the market via ultimatum, not because of poor sale but because of malignant outcomes.

    That's the people, today, through this corona virus event, who are being peddled as heroes. That we must listen to them.

    [–]binrobinro 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

    I see the mainstream media injecting a lot of drama, but that's it.