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Yeah, things like the apollo 15 feather/hammer seems to comfirn the 'wind resistance' theory and is nice [], your video seems strange to me too. But I've always (somewhere after secretly taping 'Star trek: First Contact') been skeptical about effects and how easy things are faked (so also your video).

There is the thing that this 'youtube' video might be faked aswell, but one case of fakeness here:

So the moon is used for earthly diplomatic scamy-mah-jammies is confirmed.

EDIT: added video feather/hammer

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There's also the fact that radiation affects/recks photo film.
...And that all of the photos are perfectly focused and centered. Even though they were wearing gauntlets, and couldn't look through a view finder, and the camera's were strapped to their chest.
So, that seems improbable...

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I just want to say that I love almost the whole story of the moon landing hoax and I find it fascinating that they decided to pull it off the way they did, and RIP Kubrick my fave director lol