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Weird....11 posts at "47 minutes ago". From the outside, looks like a bot or someone on the extreme manic end of a bipolar episode.

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Shared account. There are lots of accounts that are shared by teams of people. It's a common way to build a "reliable" profile while still being able do a lot of activity (except vote-gaming)

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Also, I realize that a small group of dedicated Saiditors are currently posting the majority of material on the nascent Saidit. This is completely understandable during the initial growth phase.

However, Reddit is fully matured, and compromised. So, l haven't submitted this info r/conspiracy, as there may be a legit reason for this unusual account activity. If hate to send the r/conspiracy Shill Corps horde over there is there was a positive reason.

Conversely, if this is some sort of nefarious karma gathering bot/group, then I'd send in the hordes. To poop in their pool, and also somewhat dilute the shilling resources who are sabotaging the hard-working folks at r/conspiracy.

It's also possible that some hero created Top Conspiracy and dirtyharrison to intentionally dilute the shill resources. If this is the case, then dirtyharrison I salute you!!!

Thoughts, anyone?

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If you go to you can see how much it costs to counteract posts the MSM doesn't want you to see.

There is a network we put together to pump out the truth or reveal topics being over astroturfed while also costing the shill army a great deal of money per day.

Dirtyharrison is one of my friends in this endeavor. Yes, it is automated and the rules of the automation are variable so as to be able to select content that may not make it to the top of the communities we would like to see them in.

Additionally, it is a convenient trail of evidence for researchers to follow to the logical conclusion regarding the level of corruption at the higher levels of US Government and the unethical lengths they are willing to go to implement mass persuasion to affect a pro war and anti transparency populace that is busy fighting each other than they are fighting the puppet masters.