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Even if this is factual (then yes of course it's horrible), it's still being spread for propaganda/fear mongering/race blame etc. and conveniently distracts from the way more powerful, "secret", and controlling people committing these same crimes bigger scale...but if we pay attention to these bumbling idiots, maybe we'll forget about the elite's crimes...? I won't.

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I have to say it... it's fox news!! Look at allllll the lovely scary buzzwords for us. Lol and it's just casually posted under "crime"... Like "ohhh you know, there was a robbery and a death camp in town this week"...If indeed there are major things like this...why the eff is lil betty sue writing about it like la-ti-da, moving along now... it's because what's really going on is worse.

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I thought I was done, but I'm not :D

"Wahhaj’s family background was already controversial prior to his arrest."

Ummm no fucking shit!! If these are facts, we kept him here and let this happen... but how lucky our nice gov is gonna step up and save us now.....oh wait they're busy running their own...

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I could not agree more.

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Let's not forget the embedded link that suggests that they were also planning an exorcism.

Dad arrested at 'extremist' New Mexico compound planned 'exorcism,' tied to terror-linked imam, report says

6/14 of the words in this gem are Fox News trigger words:

  • arrested

  • extremist

  • compound

  • exorcism

  • terror-linked

  • imam

A Fox news reporter had a wet dream and wrote an article about it.

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You are not wrong.