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Calling Aaron Mate a liberal and a Zionist makes any statement that follows seem a little less credible. He is certainly neither of those things. I'm definitely interested to know where he (or anyone) is getting their funding and I dont think exposure of 9/11 is a waste of time. Though calling him a liberal Zionist immediately shows that you arent at all familiar with his work

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He is. Like Blumenthal, they are both leftists and call themselves liberals. Yet they are both crypto-Zionists and many people have exposed this aspect such as the shilling of arming Syrian rebels or bombing Syria. The likudniks are the right wing Zionists, but their are the left-wing as well, progressive Zioninsts in fact which many times act as controlled oppositions gatekeep 9/11 truth.

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I also feel these statements about Aaron Mate are perhaps excessive and premature. I wouldn't be surprised however if young Aaron has a greater role to play in the future after he builds up strong progressive journalistic credentials.

Aaron Mate's father is the great Dr. Gabor Maté, addiction and depression expert, beyond all others, in my opinion as someone on disability from chronic depression, bipolar, ADHD, OCD, etc. However, Gabor is the son of Holocaust survivors (aka, WWII survivors, like anyone of that era) and often speaks on it - like the holy grail trump card ultimate suffering thing. The Holocaust as we now know it is an exaggeration for victimhood expanded upon in pop media since the 1970s.éé

So far, Aaron Mate has not dwelt on the Holocaust, so far as I know. It's not out of the realm of possibilities, now or in the future. His funding sources would be good - and who they are funding. I suspect Aaron gets invited onto many shows to discuss things as part of an unofficial "indie-progressive" network, not just because he has some original take or exceptional content - because he clearly doesn't. I've never learned anything from him I didn't already know from elsewhere. At least Max Blumenthal gives me new news (from his angle).

$100k sounds like a lot - and it its. But it can go very fast in production, or anything else. Depends how its used.

Thoughts, /u/Jesus ?

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Same link?