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Love him or hate him we can all see Bernie is getting the same treatment he did in 2016.
Establishment folks are terrified of him and their pawns and will do anything to beat them.
Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill (His Name Was Seth Rich) these criminal crooks will stop at nothing ......

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Yup. Which is the same thing the RNC did to Ron Paul in 2012. I watched all 3 happen. They deliberately box out the people they don't like, and their methods are getting more and more obvious, especially as more people pay attention to this deliberate boxing out, because it signals that our democracy is quite weak right now, and not really representing public opinion in any meaningful way anymore because of the level of corruption in both of the two main parties, and thus the government as a whole by extension.

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Tulsi Gabbard in 2020, though I believe that may have been more of a personal matter between her and Hillary Clinton.

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It is currently afternoon the day after the Iowa caucus, Tuesday Feb 4th 12:40pm, still no results! LOL

One more interesting thing to me is that even though the establishment media has been shitting itself over Trump,
TPTB still approve his outrageous MIC budget and give very little legitimate push back, Bernie on the other hand....

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His name was Seth Rich.

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Paging Rand Paul?

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For once, I agree with you.

I don't agree with your political perspective.

But I do want it to be heard.

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"I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It"

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maybe remove the 'to the death' to avoid sounding like a fedora wearing keyboard warrior. I mean, no one has actually died to protect other's free speech in a long time

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I don't understand why they don't just join with the Trump national populists and burn the swamp global corporatists first.

Like...working with the establishment're running on a treadmill, we can all see the treadmill, get off the treadmill.

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whatever happened with all this.... i have been away from news

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it's interesting to me that they have decided to rig it for Buttgieg, I thought it would be Biden. But I guess I should have seen it coming, a young guy with funny name, worked for a CIA front company and came out of nowhere, this time he is gay instead of black but we can't criticize him or else we're homophobic.

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Bathhouse Barry had a similar story.

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Sanders apparently sent an observer to every caucus location and recorded the whole thing, unbeknownst to everyone else. They are now meeting with the DNC and contesting the results.

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based plan if so

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If true. Source?

It's always nice to beat them at their own game.

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Honestly, I read so much news I can't remember where I saw that tidbit. Might have been one of the alt news sites such as zerohedge or drudge. The news cycle moves pretty fast and I can't find it now.

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No worries. It will likely come up again.

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It will likely never come up again. Did you see what happened to Peter Strozk?

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Interesting. Thanks for the refresh.

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Whoa. That is perhaps the single best example of the bias inherent to Google's engine.

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Very likely. There are a lot of chess pieces in motion right now.

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The Treachery runs deep.

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Who does this quote come form?

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Source? for...

"They funneled everything through an app designed to alter the numbers. And it was also designed to be unverifiable, because they didn't want anyone to contest the app results. But it was their Office Space moment, where Peter checks the ATM, realizes it's way too obvious and it will be noticed..."

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A quick search returned this as the oldest instance, and a repost of it on Reddit. They're both (semi-)anonymous forum comments that don't list any sources themselves. I haven't researched this, but it looks like it's just speculation that isn't based on anything.

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I don't think that will happen, but ..
If the democrats are smart, they would do a move that would make Bernie just win with a lot of resistance.
That way he will gain a lot of popularity due to emotional stirring and possibly win against Trump.
Then if he wins, he will step off due to health, and then a corporate person will replace him.

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Too complicated for their bulldozer.

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As usual, Jason is the smart guy.

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maybe that is the idea, he had a heart attack so I thought he wouldn't even run. Maybe Pete will be his VP.

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Too much of a compromise. They have too much power and have sold out too much.

There is a far greater plan at work - above the 2-party system. Much of that involves ramping up conflict, domestically and internationally.

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I must applaud your visionary post. That's EXACTLY what happened. =D

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Weird that you found this. Suddenly I feel omnipotent. Except that it's actually absolutely nothing new. It's the same game as always, but they keep ratcheting it up incrementally so most folks don't even notice, aside from the big manufactured events - yet it certainly has been getting more intense and more extreme, especially with technology. Meanwhile, trees are still trees, clouds are clouds (except the new ones they defined for geoengineering), and grass is still grass (except for government GMO weed). Life goes on, even if they collapse the economy and scare everyone who buys into it.

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It just goes to show, demonstrate and prove that DECIPHERING current events can be indeed very useful in seeing what's coming next. What did this do for you exactly? Well one time it can be just a bragging point (a la "I saw it coming and wrote about it here:") but another time it can be literally life-saving information, such as foresight of upcoming famines for example.

Good work! Keep it up! =D

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" What did this do for you exactly? "

I'm a little confused whether this is a rhetorical question or if you mean why did I write it, or when did I wake up, etc.

I didn't buy into 9/11 from day one. First it was an isolated attack - not a threat to 99.99999% of the world. No nukes, no mass casualties, and the bullshit "They hate us for our freedom" and "You're either with us or the terrorists" were dead give aways to steer the simple minded. It wasn't until a few years later with Michael Ruppert's explanation lined up all the dots and I saw "The Corporation" that I started becoming a truther and activist, though I was always progressive and Green.

While building a set for another music video I was directing in Oakland in 2007 I realized I needed to do more than just make pretty videos and needed substance and meaning, stepping up a hard-sci-fi project I'd started in 2001 and making it attempt to raise all the important questions and lesser known alternatives to help people, humanity, and the planet. I used to think it would be about climate change which I'd find out in 2015-2016 that it was a scam, and now I have to explain how it's a scam. Like that and other critical issues I realized ALL of the big problems are political and manipulated by the Machiavellian ruling class - but I didn't really begin finally turn all the way over until 2014-2015+ to seeing how it was all inter-related under their full spectrum dominance and really EVERYTHING the government and media says MUST be skeptically doubted first and then proven true.

After 2007 Janet and I moved from Oakland to Victoria and I commuted to Vancouver for half the week directing animation. I missed my friends and life and home and drugs and stuff from Oakland and considering the recession and the shitty projects I was bummed out - so I put my blind faith in the scientism of Big Pharma poisons and started anti-depressants (my dad and many of my family are doctors, so I was a believer). That destroyed and almost took my life several times. I stuck to it for 4.5 years and went from fit as fuck to a fat fuck, so I'll never be happy about that, and then another 5-7 years to crawl out of that pit of despair. On disability. I've had the "luxury" of being poor, immobile, with an abundance of time and curiosity. People say things about depression they can never understand, like love and hope will get you through. Bullshit. Only endurance and curiosity got me through, fuck the world.

Most of the last dozen years is a blurry fog where I was profoundly retarded though I knew I was once more capable and still had my intuition, reasoning, and logic. On and off I'd work on my project researching many things to use or omit. As a professional animator, I used to be a video snob only liking high quality productions. Eventually I got utterly bored of stupid documentaries ignoring the obvious and being painfully dull without context. I rediscovered YouTube and all the wonderful content, even with shitty video presentations. I also discovered CONTEXT and dived into every conspiracy theory out there and woke up hard core in 2015-2017+ always finding more mind-blowing things that were untrue or exceptionally limited.

After that it's all been very easy and predictable, not just for me, but for many of the regular channels I post. I like listening (audio reading) at high speeds, leaving my eyes and hands free to multitask and do other things, with the option to glance at the video when necessary. That's the major reason why I don't post articles. So I'm far from the only one who saw this coming, and certainly not the only one on SaidIt, though I think we're all a little surprised how neatly all their narratives came together and enveloped the entire world. I find it's like how it's one thing to see people do things in the movies all the time and another to see it in person. We knew the globalist Zionist technocratic corporatocracy totalitarianism is virtually unstoppable and we were overdue for the next "event", but we didn't really expect the all out domination despite being based on such shitty flimsy evidence (which they never really need).

I think I got carried away with my answer.

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Love and hope will get you through depression? Wow these people are insane. There is no love nor hope in a depressed state. Your mind simply can't register them as such. You know this, obviously. Man, the cluelesness people spout sometimes, it's impressively awful. I took one half of an anti-depressant once (I was suffering from burn-out but not from depression) and that thing turned me murderously violent. I resisted these impulses that were diametrically opposite who I am.

I was earning $200k/year back then and because stupid doc said something like "well I don't have any other answers for you" I burnt out on my own when my insurance would have shelled out big bucks until I got back on my feet. Thanks doc. Actually, I can say with confidence that NOT A SINGLE MD ever helped me. The guy who did my birth lost his license that time, and it goes on from there. It's my superpower: get fucked up by docs. Poisons is right my dude. I also went from fit as fuck to fat as fuck, from Lyme disease though. I fixed my depression using GHB, which back then was legal and a KNOWN CURE for it. I synthesized it myself and cured it. =D

Yeah you did get carried away, but it allowed me to get to know you better and see that we have things in common besides SaidIt. It was a rhetorical question, but having vision is something nobody can ever take away from you, and can be extremely useful. Takes a good mind, too.

Cheers =D

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You know of what you speak on depression. It's profoundly so much more than just being extra sad, which is what too many people think.

The "good" thing about taking drugs as you did and/or recreationally is that eventually it's over. The greatest problem IMO is when it becomes habitual, prescribed on a regular basis, or is a vaccine that can be almost like a permanent allergic reaction - creating a permanent state of misery and harm.

I take it you've seen /s/Lyme, though I haven't posted there in a while not having seen anything on it since. It really fucked up and almost killed my Aunt until they finally figured out what was ailing her, after years, and now she's still dealing with it in her diminished capacity.

GHB is good for fun (though it scares me with the passing out) and orgies - and medicinally too. An Oakland friend was waterskiing, face-firsted into the water, his legs flipped over and hit his head and he broke his back. He was not parallelized but is in perpetual pain and only GHB helps him. Unfortunately he and his family have other problems too.

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Yes, I've used it extensively for fun as well. But that was after my 10g/night for 10 months cure for depression. I had a binder full of studies on the stuff, demonstrating how it is utterly harmless and the almost uncountable health benefits, as well as the anti-addictiveness and cure for depression properties. It was acknowledge as such in Italy back sometime in the 1990s IIRC. Dunno if it is anymore. I mean Big Pharma has got to sell their SSRIs right. I ended up recycling the paper and using the binder for something else, figuring that the studies would always remain on PubMed. Oh, how gullible I was.

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Is anybody actively trying to decompile the app? Should be possible to find out if it's cheating and how exactly.

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This is the Democratic Party's own personal 9/11.

No Democrat will ever have a counter to anything I say ever again.

I thought the Super Bowl was good.

This is better.

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I think their personal 9/11 was not wanting to investigate 9/11, and giving W Bush full support after, opened a lot of eyes.

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I mean two democrats got sent anthrax for not wanting to sign the Patriot Act. Meaning, they'll kill you if you do not do their bidding.

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It's like 2016 all over again, will Bernie shill again and be the controlled opposition that he was or will TPTB let him stand up against Trump only to lose.

I will vote for nobody because votings jurisdiction is in the corporation.