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Scary to think that kind of manipulation could be right under our noses....

Could it also be a tool to gather data on how people process info? I'm sure many sites offered the "vote on which one you hear" button, could that info be used to get percentages on how many process this way vs that? That could, in turn be used with other data gathered to better manipulate certain people based on their processing style.

My tin foil hat needs to cover my ears now.

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The Yanny/Laurel thing works by different people's ears being tuned to different frequencies, not anything to do with how the brain processes sounds.

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Maybe you don't understand how our brains interpret and collect the raw data from our sensory organs. Our ears can't hear without the brain, just as our eyes can't see without our brain. Sure our ears pick up sounds. but what interprets the frequencies into words? What tells you that its an A# instead of an F#? Your ears or your brain?

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Your ears literally cannot pick up sounds outside a certain range, which varies from person to person. That's how the Laurel/Yanny thing works.