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They didn't watch the 'Snuff' film together, it was a one at a time situation as the apartment had two bedroom computers and one computer in the living room by the sliding door to the deck. It was my friends friend that invited us and I believe she had a class at Yale or was approached/invited by females who thought she looked cool while she was studying at the Yale Library. Mack walked around the room saying things like, 'Okay You Bitches....' in addressing the Group of Mostly Yale Females. Before leaving with the Two Females I went to the Party with Anthony Weiner noticed We were going and called for Huma saying, 'Did We the Names of Everyone here?' She then went around the room with a clip board and starting with Me took down My information... Name, School Attended, Age... and then We left. When Schneiderman introduced himself to Me on arrival (he may have felt awkward in a room full of Sorority Wanna-Be's), I asked if He wanted to smoke some we'd, he said, 'I don't believe My constituents would be happy with that.' He said thanks anyways. Huma was very pretty, she had mystique, she locked eyes with Me from across the room, an across the room stare that seemed trancelike. Weiner did make it clear Huma was his wife. Raniere spoke as though he was really interested in what he had to say (he seemed hungry for compliments if that makes sense).

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So you and OP both happened to be at this gathering at Yale? Small world.