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If you're going to have Bill Hicks on there - might as well add Steve Jobs too, since it was the same type of "fast acting" cancer (see, I don't think either was "murdered").

I also don't think Tupac is dead (see "Makaveli") - nor is Epstein.

Lennon was a huge supporter of "their message" ie: Communism. Subversive pawn - and unlikely to be offed by his own team since he wasn't in any kind of "epstein" situation.

Malcom X was most definitely axed for not saying "all whites". Not sure about MLK but his message was far less... powerful than Malcom's (after he dropped the "Elijah Muhammad" act).

Not up to date on the particulars of Bruce Lee (I know about his kid and the Crow movie and the fake bullet and shit) or Marley.

RFK... yeah okay it's obvious Sirhan was a patsy and it was probably that NLP fucker, what's his name... Anthony J Hilder.

JFK - eh, it's so overplayed and the guy was so clearly not "our guy"...

Hastings and Rich are fairly recent and don't have the same "build up" of years around them - as the others.

Aaron Swartz... yeah - that was a fucking tragedy. No kid should ever kill themselves - all he did was threaten the caste*ification of science and knowledge.

Edit: Still, fuck "them". 100% with you on that.

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Malcom X started speaking out against Jews in politics, like pretty openly.

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They didn't kill Bill Hicks.

He's been rebranded, and has his own show.

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The notion of bug splat... :-(

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They killed my hopes and dreams.

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They killed Kenny, too.

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I posted this on saidit a while ago, but I thought it was time for an update

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Jimmy Hendrix, Martin Luther King, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, John Smith...

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Seth Rich, likely a psyop hoax, I'm sure of it. They, the Jewish Mob and Mossad-CIA certainly killed RFK, JFK, MLK, once he started to speak up concerning war, according to them his only job was to free black folks, once that was achieved his rhetoric and oratory ability was too dangerous for the state. Bob Marley?? Epsetin is alive, never stepped foot in the US. Tupac and Bill, idk.