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An avid Cicada solver, now member has been watching the events unfold behind the scenes with the Cicada organization and is ready to reveal his findings and they are shocking.

@32:55 - Connections between the current "leaders" (the two were roommates with): The Golden State Killer - and their pictures appear similar to the sketches of the (three) killer(s).

@Approximately 50 minutes in Defango discusses some of the strange deaths associated with members - and the rise to the top of one of the original members... the musician of the group.

He goes through documents, photos, his own personal emails - proving the current "leader" (as in, after the first year puzzle ended) is a co-creator, but claims full responsibility - desiring to sell it to Sony or Ubisoft (Cicada WAS featured recently in Assassin's Creed Origins, see my Reddit post here).

At the end, his conclusion is that the group was taken over by a psy-operative, who created a cult atmosphere, recruiting well-meaning and talented people. The leader would receive assets, talking points and guests (Robert David Steele is the primary example) - and foist them on the Cicadas to get them to promote the disinfo.

A deep-state free-lance shill who stole a movement and turned it into a cult that pushed psy-ops on both the public and its own members - for money. Thomas Schoenberger

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