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Well there is a lot of tension going on between the US and Russia and because of Putin being blamed for many events that aren't quite clear yet when it comes to evidence I think we should hear what his points of view are when it comes to politics and such.

Putin talks about what he sees as huge moral degeneracy in Europe, the loss of identity of a lot of the first world nations, criticizes the US imperialism, the normalization of pedophilia and satanism and other problems he sees globalization brings.

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But if you look at the functionality of Russia, it's essentially a mirror image of the US. They're two halves of a whole, fighting a kabuki theater match for the world to "take sides". Controlled opposition in an enforced duopoly. I could be wrong but that's how it looks to me.

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It's possible. Have you read the theory I wrote about the role the US and Russia could have when it comes to WWIII?

Well, when it comes to the cold war then yeah between Russia and the US there was nothing but the right and left divide, but Putin has done a lot of things that made me interested in him so let's see if he can be trusted or not.

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Putin has done a lot of things that made me interested in him

I used to be really in to RT. I think Russians are trying to "play it neutral" while the US flounders around like a fish. Which is a reversal of roles from the mid-1980s, where the US played the guy who has it put together, while the USSR fell apart and floundered under its own weight.

I'm going to have to digest your other post some more.