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Syria is seeking to become as independent of the US as possible so considering the US has been involved in the armament of the mercenaries we should know about the events over there.

A lot of civilians were killed in an airstrike led by Washington against houses in al-Fadel village.

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This is awful that this happened.

When you use the word 'martyred', to my american ear it sounds like you're Muslim and using provocative language. That word doesn't have great play in the US. The Christians don't even use that word to describe Jesus.

Anyway it's unfortunately unsurprising to see the US bombing in synchronization with Israel. They're really pushing hard to overtake the region.

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Not only that but they don't give two shits about getting innocents involved, I follow the syrian news always and there are times in which civilians die daily from the terrorist and US attacks. But at the end of the day when they have to face the Syrian or Russian military they always get owned.