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The US will eventually suffer a financial crash similar to the one in 2008 and since there are a lot of theories out there about what could happen next, I think this is a very interesting talk with Soros.

Soros talks about the need to crash the US dollar for the sake of one world currency.

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(((Bitcoin))) (((Japanese inventor))) As if they are not planning on world currency with crypto.

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Crypto is now trackable as of 2018 if you make more than 1 transaction with your wallet, according to some programmer bros I met. The feds are cracking down on tax evasion with it too. Seems to draw alot of black market commerce.

Could be just another tool to try and destabilize currencies and markets. What better time to buy than when you artificially crash the market? 2008 really screwed everyone who was not rich, and transferred alot of wealth upward on the social ladder.

Might be a good idea to open an account and transfer some money to a stable currency, like Swiss Francs if you're worried about the dollar crashing.

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You can totally tumble bitcoin, or use combiners, or swap it for other cryptos and back to avoid tracking. Feds are only interested in the big boys (hundreds of thousands to billions of dollars). Invest in bitcoin now, before it becomes expensive.

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The whole point of bitcoin is to prevent control over it. Do some research.