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Man, China’s almost as bad as a real world reddit.

This news report is especially ironic to me because I like to give my Pokémon names like “wypipo” and “baizuo” (the derogatory Chinese word for SJW’s) and then leave them in gyms around town to tweak my liberal neighbors.

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This is why the US government loves the Chinese, so much so that they've boosted their economy significantly at the expense of US citizens. All this political drama about being at eachothers necks is bullshit, when the reality is that theyre quietly throwing mountains of cash at Xi Xingping, and all these tech giants are in clear alliance with their censorship standards.

"our carrier strike quietly passed Chinas carrier in calm coastal waters today, threat of ww3 and total satanic destruction is high"


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It is a charade and Israel is at the helm due to her alliance with the BRICS and the Belt Road Inititve. They are all traitors erroding our national sovereignty. The media campaign of China's social credit score is merely desensitization for what is to come in 2030. Just like the revelations of Snowden and the various wikileaks releases of surviellance such as spying through your smart TV's and toasters, invaluable to know, but is just another form of limited hangout acceptance and a intentional desensitization campaign.

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And with each passing decade, each succession of generation is a little more indoctrinated; while those who can see what was, and is, are growing old. Age, time, and duration are instruments that are being excellently used, and executed by the cabal to simply wipe memory; so sad.

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China is just a beta-testing ground for what the whole 5-eyes English-speaking cabal has planned for its subjects. The governments of US/UK/CAN/NZ/AUS like to flutter their hands over "those ChiComs" but they're taking notes.

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Just another nebulous slopnoggin persecution on the rights to have a personality.

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Come here Tiananmen, here Xiaobo! Good boys.