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thanks for posting this, it makes me happy to see others also into this stuff! i agree with some of this, but its only part of the story.

i think the jews responsible the most are the frankists, a gnostic, kabbalist, sufi influenced doomsday cult originating from the turkish sabbateans and iberian marranos (think aoc). what is known as the synagogue of satan.
further, they were influenced by the sufi bektashi order which are aka the assassins from alamut and the old man of the mountain of the crusades. they controlled the janissariess under the otomans. a shiita nizari ismaili sect from afghanistan and iran. bill cooper connects them with the roshaniya, but i didnt research that too much. they are based in albania today and are connected with the templars, knights of malta. probably with the albanian, italian mafia and who knows who else.

david ben gurion, yitzhak ben zvi (who changed his name to zvi in memory of shabtai zvi) and other top labor zionists were initiated into the bektashi sufi order while they lived and studied in turkey. the young turks, responsible for the armenian genocide have the same roots. also the salonica donmeh and the black hand behind gavrilo princip.

further, they are also behind the rosicrucians (, plus the thule society, the precursor to the german nazi party.

note, the world jewry excommunicated the frankists for their sins for ten generations.

but the jesuits who, i think, are crypto templars, also played a part in the creation of communism. if we think of the jesuit led counterreformation and of thomas more, who was part of the counterreformation in england, well he wrote utopia. and the jesuits adopted the idea and put it in practice in their reductions in paraguay and finally in the soviet union.

also the cooperation between the templars and marranos started(?) in portugal, the only catholic country where the templars were not outlawed.. they were known as the order of christ and they were into banking and shipping. their ships sailed under the flag of the order, eg the santa maria. the catholic church was the enemy of both of them and since the marranos were good navigators they were the first pirates attacking ships of the papacy. they were also slavers, they founded brazil, discovered the new world and even columbus was one of them.

thats why the skull and bones use the jolly roger. its them. miguel cervantes, the writer of don quixote was also one of them.

another thing that connected the marranos with the baphomet worshiping templars was king solomons temple.

it is no wonder that centuries later these two parties joined into the illuminati, on one side the sabbatean frankist marrano crypto jews and on the other the templars.. the rothschilds, the glue between the two are and were both (amschel was a knight of malta).

it is not a coincidence that the first zionist congress was held in switzerland, a country founded by returning crusader templars after the fall of aleppo in 1291, or that the bis is in basel, or that the un was founded there, or that lenins sealed money train departed from there, etc. also, napoleon the illuminati puppet was the first known zionist, who also forced the pope to reestablish the jesuit order... for a typical example from more modern times there is the commie terrorist, nelson mandela, who was a knight of malta.

there are even sources saying stalin was a jesuit priest and its established that mao was enabled by the skull and bones throught their yale in china org/initiative. just like the templars, the sabbateans also have their own secret society at yale

another thing: the jesuits, although in existence for far less than the jews, were expelled from almost as many countries as well.

in my opinion, the main reason the jews were expelled all the time is thanks to a couple of different things:

first, historically and institutionally, the roman empire hated the jews for their restless, rebellious nature, and their cohesive society, which resisted the roman divide et impera tactics

and second, spiritually, the antisemitism in pagan vatican (see the jesuit la civitta cattolica) stems, from the jews being gods choosen people. as gods choosen people, the jews are hated by the satanists even more than christians or any other nation. since the vatican is the representative of ancient mystery babylon religions, and egyptian mysteries, and because the jews successfully resisted both the babylonians and the egyptians, this is a very profound antagonism.
this is why jews usually dont experience persecution in protestant countries and suprisingly, even less in muslim countries.

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good comment, do you have links that I can print out and read

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Sabbatai Sevi: The Mystical Messiah, 1973 by Gershom Scholem

To eliminate the opiate by rabbi Marvin Antelman
(if you find vol2, let me know!)

and then i compiled these wiki links: <- rumsfeld, gerald ford

i have made a sub for all this: