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ps how do i give positive(or negative)Karma?,i just see that you can click on Smileface or Light...very i wander if i have give people negative Karma by mistake

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No, we haven't got negative karma on this site; people on other sites were abusing it to get rid of people they disagreed with, so we just scrapped it here. Light is "insightful" and smileface is "fun", and both give the person karma.

Make sure to use them the right way around; that way people can filter for "fun" when they want to be happy or amused, and "insightful" for when they want to learn about interesting things.

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AHHHHH thanks,i heard on chatbox indeed that it both positive Karma,i like that concept-i mean if you dont like something just shut-up/you dont have to say that,but they diddent say about insight or fun,i think a lot of people dont now this,nobody on chatbox new,so when i think somethinh is funny-press smile,and when i agree with something press Light...right?and otherwise just dont press anything..........but how can you filter/search for fun or insight?sorry if i make no sense dont get it/i dont have smart/facebook/instagramm etc stuf ,just just a old/oldfashion dude on internet i gues,thats a smile+light,HA

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There's a "sort" thing at the top of the comments section of every page, and on the sub views. I think it's set to "top" by default in most places.

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AHH yeh i see,i remember seeing that and diddent understand,i also easy just dont see stuf on PC screen its very strange,but thanks for info