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I am the same, where the instant I hear any comedian mention Trump I immediately don't care what they have to say. It's just so over-done and lazy.

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agreed. and orange man bad doesn't equate to a good point or a good joke. you see all the late night people making the exact same cookie cutter jokes. they should be embarrassed. and i think trump is awful, but come up with something funny.

also, man, i love norm. it's weird not to see him purposefully telling bad stories in an interview though.

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purposefully telling bad stories

Good call. He's a master anti-comic. Like Andy Kaufman.

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Joking about the POTUS has been happening since time immemorial. It will happen whether you try to label it as lazy or not.

IMO, joking about W was faaaaaaar easier. W practically produced the material himself; take for example W's performances at press correspondence dinners. Trump is so unfunny, self aware and thin skinned that he refuses to even attend.

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Actually I would say Trump is incredibly thick-skinned, to be able to withstand the non-stop criticism. Bush Jr was just a fragile loser who was obviously just a puppet so he was more fun to make fun of. Trump seems to be more of a Machiavellian strong-man type. I don't like either of them though. But the Trump jokes are so boring compared to the W jokes, or the Obama jokes. Like we've heard them all already over the last 20 years already. Trump has always been a topic of ridicule, for literally decades now. It's boring and played-out from a comedy perspective, yet many late night shows apparently have no problem making it their entire focus.

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Actually I would say Trump is incredibly thick-skinned, to be able to withstand the non-stop criticism.

LOL, he cant handle it. He launches petty attacks against anyone who criticizes him. Morning Joe, CNN, Adam Schiff, his former personal attorney, Steve Bannon, Jeff Bezos, James Comey, Stormy Daniels the list is endless. What worse is that he mocks them in the manner of a school yard bully, somehow aware that no matter how bad these people might be, he will always be worse.

On the other hand, anyone who says something nice about him is a "great person" for no other reason than they show him favor. Trump is a despot who would have felt a lot more at home having been born in a place like Russia rather than the U.S.

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he said sound from wind turbines cause cancer, fair game to make fun of that. but that is too easy and not that funny then.