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This article explains how empathy and the viewpoint of others is reduced by those in positions of power. Once in the authoritative position, the mind changes and the individual makes less effort to put themselves in someones elses shoes. Thus they become out of touch with the consensus reality and the decline continues.

An incredible study published in The Journal of Finance last February found that CEOs who as children had lived through a natural disaster that produced significant fatalities were much less risk-seeking than CEOs who hadn’t. (The one problem, says Raghavendra Rau, a co-author of the study and a Cambridge University professor, is that CEOs who had lived through disasters without significant fatalities were more risk-seeking.)

Simple solution here then, check how powerful people are feeling and their ability to remain in contact with the consensus reality before giving them the keys to the kingdom.

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Right. Most of all that studies garbage is blatant common sense.

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Turns out common sense isn't very common.

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You got me there

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Maybe we can use some weaknesses found in this study to have fun with them.

The article mentioned they are "loss of contact with reality, restless or reckless actions".