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“The biggest hindrance to solving homelessness is that city residents keep demanding the least effective policies,” said Sara Rankin, the director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project at Seattle University School of Law. The evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that punishing homeless people makes it harder for them to find housing and get work. Nonetheless, the most common demands from urban voters are for politicians to increase arrests, close down soup kitchens and impose entry requirements and drug tests in shelters.

Interestingly, the majority doesn't seem to have any care about the net effects of the policies they demand. That might be worth remembering when considering the supposed merits of democracy.

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because they dont give a crap

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"They could replace encampment sweeps and anti-panhandling laws with municipally sanctioned tent cities"

Sounds reasonable. In fact you could go a step further and just decree that the streets themselves are homes and bam done. Problem solved.