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SKYNET will slowly kill all life while providing the highspeed network for the A.I. synthetic wisdom hive mind overlord demi-god.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Skynet's nowhere near existing. Scratch that. Facebook Skynet's nowhere near being able to make decisions for itself.

Ok, yeah, technically it can, but only multiple choice. So unless somebody's stupid enough to give it the option of "eliminate humans" (and tell it how to do so), and then not just mess up its fitness function but deliberately program it with a goal that would end up eliminating humans (as opposed to enslaving us as like farms or whatever), and then train it on a supercomputer or two without anyone noticing… then we're fine.

But the nuclear button's easier to get your hands on – at least for the foreseeable future – so we're not going to die by Skynet any time soon.

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Yeah... basically... :(

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Driving about in my city one night around midnight, I noticed an unmarked, white PT Cruiser with the weird, color-matched metal replacements over the back windows, like a work or pedo van.

A man in a pure white utility uniform was on a cheap stepladder - working with the 5G box along the major road I was driving on. I tried to get any of his info as I went by - as there should be only one of three people working on those things (the two telecomms or the government) and that was none of those three.

He was doing it RIGHT infront of the police station.

After I was done at the store and coming home I slowed down to try to see what was up - but he had already left.

Fuck 5G and the people pushing for it.

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Fuck 5G and the people pushing for it.

my thoughts exactly! :-)

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A saboteur in overalls?

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shrug I know what I saw, but I have absolutely no way to prove it or any follow up. They didn't seem at all unprofessional - I just wonder who they worked for - could have been a brand new gov't fleet vehicle for all I know. Zero markings however, made me curious. Everything about the car, the man, his clothes - all seemed brand new - but the ladder.

Dash camera means next time I'm not unprepared.

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Spycraft? - James Bond? Mossad? Russia?

Bird's nest collector?

Human impostor extraterrestrial sucking at the teat of 5G?

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Could have been the ghost of Steve Jobs, sabotaging the 5G for all i know... lol

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There is Nowhere to Hide from 5G Radiation

Oh yeah? What about bunkers?

The problem: I don't have a bunker yet, and most others don't either :/

Edit: Perhaps Faraday cages could work too.

As far as I can tell, at this point, the only way that 5G will be stopped will be by congressional action.

What about direct action?

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yes, some neighborhoods already managed to stop 5g installs legally. but people are not so unified in every neighborhood. i think cheap mylar sheets aka space / emergency blankets would work and they should be grounded.

i wonder with all this radiation, could it be possible to harvest free energy right out of thin air. to soak it all up. that would also cut down on the overall radiation pollution

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Being able to harvest free energy out of the air suggests that the beams aren't focused enough, and so could be sending out less energy with a more focused beam.

Getting energy into space is expensive. So you can bet that they're not going to be giving it freely to the masses like that, even as deadly space radiation. (Which, by the way, this is the wrong frequency for – excluding potential unknown effects on the brain.)

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A new market of possibilities is opening up!

Mirrored ceilings!

The 1970s are back baby!

Custom Mylar interiors like a bad sci-fi movie.

With all the free energy it will pay for itself!

And when everyone else dies you can just take their stuff!

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thanks 5g, now every room is a cannabis grow room!

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"The only way to be sure is to nuke the site from orbit."

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Well, you'd hope they were focused. The alternative is that it's shining everywhere, and needs to pump out more energy so that the receiver receives the same amount.

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Start building your extra durable tin foil hats now before you forget how to make them.

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Aluminium foil hats actually act as resonators for a frequency band that's marked as military radio (or something) in the US. (insert X files theme)