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There are a lot of real issues with the hadcrut4 data set. Also climate gate 2009 and 2011 were a thing.

No amount of socialism or taxes will stop the climate. It will always change.

Don't fall for the hype.

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Sorry you believe Koch propaganda instead of science.

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Sorry you're indoctrinated

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Corporations pollute everything but Earth has and will continue to slowly warm as it has since Ice Age though we still must embrace decentralized alternative energy (and there are a lot of good and/or suppressed alternatives out there) but don't embrace CLIMATE CHANGE, the DEMOCRAT PROPAGANDA PSY-OP SCAM FOR GLOBAL TAXES. Don't get me wrong, the Republicans are fucking us over in countless other ways.

I used to believe, profoundly, in Climate Change. It was the last thing I doubted from James Corbett - and even after I looked for myself and saw what a scam it was and studied my own climate in the online Canadian government weather websites - my head knew but it took my heart several months to finally realize that Climate Change is nothing but a SCAM for the green billionaires and just another way to screw over small or poor countries like Bangladesh.

I'm still VERY progressive but I won't buy into this shit. Also, Elizabeth May, leader of the Canadian Green Party, is going on about Syria gassing themselves. Nonsense propaganda.

The antithesis of open science is Scientism, a blind faith in profit driven proprietary (closed) science and marketing (ie. proprietary software, proprietary protocols, fields of private biomedical engineering, biological patents, chemical patents (drugs), minimal sufficiency of disclosure, etc.) .

Open science uses the scientific method as a process of open discovery of shared verifiable knowledge, whereas proprietary science is privately developed by corporations and organizations yet their "scientific" processes and research are not publicly shared (or are obscured behind paywalls or published in expensive private journals), therefore unverifiable as legitimate forcing the public to have "faith" in their privatized science and "trust" that rigorous studies have been and are conducted, proper precautions taken, adequate warnings given, and that the results are beneficial to individuals, society, and the environment - as well as serving their private shareholders. Further, we are supposed to "believe" all of the profit driven marketing, media hype, and propaganda, not to mention the political lobbyists (a soft term for legalized bribery), and trust we are getting the best technology, drugs, medical care, and environmental stewardship while corporate monopolies safely and honestly earn their profits in a world where corporate corruption and status quo war profiteering are business as usual.

This obscured or blind faith in corporate science is called Scientism.