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I think racism is closely connected to death anxiety. Becker explains quite a lot of human psychology from this perspective. I think he was broadly correct:

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I haven't read The Denial of Death or listened to this particular podcast, but I'm reading here a bit about it.

The book’s basic premise is that human civilization is a defense mechanism against the knowledge that we will die.


People try to create or become part of something which they believe will last forever—art, music, literature, religion, nation-states, social and political movements, etc. Such connections, they believe, give their lives meaning.

So if I can broadly connect the dots here... Racism has roots in people wanting to preserve their heritage, which they equate with themselves, as a means to live on beyond death. Is that roughly correct?

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Mmmmm, roughly. Immortality through a larger self which persists.

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I could certainly see that perspective. I think there are several factors that come together for racism to take root, and this is definitely one I had not considered. It may be even more central to the idea than the need to feel superior.

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