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Yeah it looks like a few dozen accounts managed to shut down the entire subreddit, by being extremely violent, and then pretending they belong to the sub as a whole as much as they could. Then the lazy (or censorous) admins delete the whole sub instead of just the troublemakers. The whole thing looks very skeezy.

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I also heard that those few dozen accounts may have been the Reddit Admins themselves as they've done it in the past it wouldn't be a surprise if they did it again.

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That's tinfoil hat territory. Why would they wait til now?

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They didn't wait, there was proof of the Reddit admins doing it in the past, manipulating votes on r/The_Donald, Altering Comments, Removing Posts, Un-Deleting comments to make it look like the mods weren't doing anything. You name it the Reddit admins manipulated the Databases to do it without traces.

Edit: As for waiting until now they haven't, they just wanted to wait for a hole, the first threat wasn't the Admins and then the others were, the Admins waited for one that got deleted, they undeleted that one, then replied and rallied the violence themselves, in turn making it look like the Mods were doing nothing and make it look like there were more users advocating violence then there actually was.

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With the election campaign going on.......Who knows?? \o/

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    The threats to those State Senators in r/news and r/politics were disgusting. I can’t remember how many reports I made. Useless I know but at least the mod has to deal with the report.

    Brazenly open calls for violence, open warfare, and more.

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      The thing I think they don’t understand is that these are conservative Catholics. They’re essentially Reagan Democrats. As soon as they make $100,000 they’ll be voting this Liberal utopia out of office. Ah, the circle jerk of life...

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      Wait--what's going on in Oregon?

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        Holy crap, I totally missed that.

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        Woah! An admin not blinded by an agenda? I think I’ll stick around for a bit!

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        reddit admins and mods of other subs probably organized it