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This might not be Skynet Terminator level yet, but tech companies like Google who can control what news you will believe as "the truth" is basically the same as an 80s action villain who wants to control the world. The one who controls the truth controls the future.

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Especially considering how it seems most millennials are incapable of thinking beyond their Google search suggestions. Then there's shit like this:

That's a private window with no history or cookies. I just performed that search to see if it was still like that. What the fuck is the point of that shit right there? If it isn't fucking brainwashing, then what?

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...and it's gone from youtube. Not really surprised about it.

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I dont see any real news sources picking this up yet. I call Bullshit. Sean Hannity has his tongue so far up DT's ass they both fart at the same time.

If this were true Hannity and Limbaugh would have been jerkin each other off to it today.

As Trump would say: Fabricated! Covfefe! Fake News!

Look, even if it IS true, Trump already said he'd use the Russians again in this election, so it kind of evens out right? Mconnel's wife funneled in 78 million to her husband and he's in bed with a Russian Oligarch. Are we still Trying to pretend America isn't full on Banana Republic at this point? The US is for sale Google is just making it's bid

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When did Trump say he would use the Russians again?

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He said Norway but what he meant was "Anybody" and well, we already know he's in love with Putin

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...and it has been a whole day and mainstream media is awfully silent on the matter. Lets see if the pick up on it

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Yup this one is being memory holed, 100%. Same with the last Vertias video that exposed people bussing in paid actors to make rallies look bigger for the DNC during the 2016 presidential election. The mainstream media doesn't want anyone taking this seriously.

They'll say "it's out of context!" but it's 25 minutes of unbroken video, from what I understand.

Stuff like this is why we built saidit. This is a real thing that happened, and MSM wants to pretend it didn't happen. This is where saidit comes in.

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I don't think people most people will change their opinions just because they see a rally with more people. However if people only see arguments in 1 direction it's far worst. This is orders of magnitude worst than anything else I've seen on Project Veritas, this is truly a threat to democracy.

(not saying the paid actors isn't bad/stupid, just this latest one eclipses pretty much everything else)

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It's not even about President Trump. It's about the possibility for the electorate to choose their government based on their own interests rather than Google's dictates.

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i'm happy to learn of other alternatives