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Ahh, you should see what I got banned from /r/communism for!

I posted a post roughly exactly the same as this one, and a moderator responded with:

This shit is stupid and I know you'll keep posting about it if I don't nip it in the bud. Also get off the computer it's damaged your brain and your sense of normality.

among other offensive responses and mutes... I follow rules; I wouldn't have posted about it a single other time if they simply told me not to! Yet, they claimed I was a lier, when in most cases, I can barely lie about even the most minor things.

I even posted in /r/communism101 asking about why this was, as the moderators were extremely unhelpful, and they even banned me there!

Being banned for what may be considered a low-effort troll argument is one thing, but being banned for promoting a new method of communism is a whole other level...

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a new method

it means independent thought. heresy.