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Ahh, you should see what I got banned from /r/communism for!

I posted a post roughly exactly the same as this one, and a moderator responded with:

This shit is stupid and I know you'll keep posting about it if I don't nip it in the bud. Also get off the computer it's damaged your brain and your sense of normality.

among other offensive responses and mutes... I follow rules; I wouldn't have posted about it a single other time if they simply told me not to! Yet, they claimed I was a lier, when in most cases, I can barely lie about even the most minor things.

I even posted in /r/communism101 asking about why this was, as the moderators were extremely unhelpful, and they even banned me there!

Being banned for what may be considered a low-effort troll argument is one thing, but being banned for promoting a new method of communism is a whole other level...

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a new method

it means independent thought. heresy.

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i posted this to r/communism and it just disappeared without a word.

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It's funny because people think capitalism is better.
If only they would take a look around themselves.
... it's almost like they've been sold the idea. lol

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What do you think would be better?

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It's as if the best system is a balance between the two because pure Capitalism and pure Communism both are horrid, non functional systems (Communism - See China, the former USSR, etc. Capitalism - See all those work towns where people were essentially slaves to a corporation before unions came along and caused companies to have to actually provide proper working conditions and compensation)

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... it's almost like they've been sold the idea.

I would suggest that someone paid, someone else (media, etc.) to dish it out to the public. The public received this idea for "free"... :-/

Capitalism has its merits when properly managed.

Heres an example of what I mean by managed. "Free market" is a hijacked term.

It now means private control of everything in the economic system.

It used to be a philosophy of lowering prices on commodities, such that the cost was almost free; as in you pay what it costs to create which makes it functionally a "free market".
This requires some source of external management to ensure that prices aren't inflated, monopolized, etc.

Utilitys are a great example of this concept. It's not free, but the price is driven to some small % of the actual cost.

  • Water is cheap.
  • Electricity is cheap (energy cartels notwithstanding).
  • Usage of the roads for commerce is functionally free.

This system of resource management benefits the overall community and minimizes the reach of oligarchy.

Unfortunately, the oligarchy tried to corrupted academia and failed.
So instead, they created their own fraudulent universities with bogus economics, etc.
The Chicago School of Economics is a prime example of this bogus economic fraud.
The Grant funding system was also institututed, which controls research allocations and further incentivizes academic fraud.

I don't pretend to know what the best economic solution is.
Every system is susceptible to authoritarian control, which it's the actual danger (the philosophy of each is theoretical).

I would recommend instituting the classical free market philosophy, regardless of the "fill-in-the-blank-ism" system that is selected.

This system demonstrably works, and maximally benefits all members of society.

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Communism not only causes people to die, but it actively kills people. More people have been executed in the name of communism than any other belief system in history. Holodomor, Great Leap Forward, Bolshevik Revolution, Khmer Rouge and much/many more. It's so sad...

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i would go a step further and say that communism as a system was invented, designed to kill people. kill all heretics, religious people, protestants, intellectuals, jews, gypsies, gays,minorities, the mentally ill. but also just to kill as many humans as feasible, without damaging the cause of the world revolution, and that is also in the interest of an even bigger, global genocide as per the club of rome, the un, the georgia stones.. its a science about stripping humanity from everything, thus making it vulnerable and easy to kill