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Corporate power doesn't care when people spread lies.

Corporate power trembles in fear when the facts are being discussed, and the public wakes up.

No one is trying to force adults to get vaccinations. The vaccine debate is a direct attack against children. What does that suggest?

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they are always targeting the children. in all ways possible.

its because they are always thinking ahead at least a century, planning, analyzing economic statistics, polling results, natality charts... they dont care about the adults, because the adults are all already set in their ways, they are not impressionable, malleable, unlike the chilren.. the masters of the universe are eternally chasing the utopian ubermench of the future, sacrificing the present for it.

edit: i suspect, (i am pretty sure) another reason they collect dna is that so they can eventually create mandatory, but most importantly, customized, personalized vaccines. racially profiled or whichever other way the central planners deem necessary to maintain their power. these vaccines would have all kinds of certain effects. 'just' a way to manage the herd

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If this were revealed, thenI would not be surprised in the least.

And their planning on multiple continents. Leadership of come is also owned by the globalists.

Mao was a Yale associate.... Skull and Bones Yale!!!

The genetic engineered kids that are in the news recently could be a facet of the globalist plan.

Edit: Also, something, something, something, Jesuits.

(Not to be outdone). ;-)

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