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Here is the post where the 'anti-semitic' pro-palestine account 'celebrates' the Jerusalem bombing:

By the way, do not research Elon Musk's grandfather and most certainly do not read up his page on Wikispooks, doing either of those things would be highly hateful and though-criminal of you.

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When I was a child (10-11yo) I was playing a soccer game. Some enterprising fella named his players Adolf Hitler, E-. Braun etc.

Someone lost their match and then whined at forum and the devs, (who were German) did and unperecented move and banned him.

I even know the name of the head dev.

I actually was so smart I would have been named as moderator (canadian guy treated me well and then said he would recommend me as mod) but then I slipped and said I was 11 years old and he threw my e-mail to trash and refused to even send a rejection message.

I have Asperger's syndrome. Musk claims to have same disease. But I was not born to trust fund billionaires. I am unemployed because employees categorically refuse to hire you.


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Chad Loder from his bunker on believes that Elon is in charge of Twitter and the point of it all is to suppress service worker union organizing on the platform.

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It's true, well only in the jew news media. No reliable news source has a word about it.

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Mr Elon Musk is doing a bang up good job.

Twitter is perhaps going to swallow up ALL other existing social media.

Twitter is the new MSM.

Edit: but, the posted image shows that was suspended but I still see it online. is suspended. is suspended

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Edit: but, the posted image shows that was suspended but I still see it online.

@V_palestine20 wasn't banned, their tweet its commenting about how another pro-palestine account, @OnlinePalEng, was suspended. It was embedded on the Middle East Monitor article. Palestine Online seems to be back up now, so probably they were reinstated.

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Frankly I don't consider banning the "Queers for Palestine" types pro-Isreal, it's pro-humanity.

Many of these people are communists or anti-west.

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Suspending accounts that are praising bombings is less of a pro-Israel thing than it is an enforcing ToS thing, IMO.