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And there it is, the tell of a propagandists. Pretending to misunderstand a simple comment to twist it into something else.

Fucking jew scum.

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I am not here to spread propaganda and no one pays me to post here. I hate propaganda and lies. And the people are drowning in it. Hardly anyone knows what is real or true any more. If you really thought I misunderstood you, why don't you clarify yourself? I may have misunderstood you. I now see you are a moderator here, so I hope you would want Saidit to thrive and prosper. If so, you could just say so instead of name calling, which I thought Saidit discouraged. I do not use gab, and I thought it might be an alternative to Twitter, which in my opinion is also like Saidit, a place for short posts and links, pictures, and video. I prefer Saidit over Twitter, because, as I already said, I do not see censorship here. And I do not wish to start using gab.