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I have an exceptional old and unused forum, but it used to be attacked by spammer bots daily. I had questions to test if you were human that were randomly selected when registering, but hardly made any difference. That was until I got rid of them all and added in just a handful of questions.

If the tiananmen square massacre was real, type yes

The UK invented the modern concentration camp and used it before anyone else, type yes if this is true

In WW2, germany fought against communism to save Europe and lost, the west allied with the communists and won. Type yes if this was true.

The USSR killed 3 times more people during WW2 than Germany and most of the deaths were their own people. If this is correct, type true.

Most world governments actually care about their people, if this is true, type true, if this is false, type false.

Are you a bot? Type the words no if you are, and yes if you are not.

And over night 100% of my spam stopped.

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Many countries like china automatically block any reference to certain things and various bot networks are run by people of certain interest groups that also do not certain topics.

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Bad when China does it.. Bing exists in China with a lot of filters, google translate stripped some features like OCR to leave room for competition, Amazon has Chinese market presence with a different styles,...

It's just corporations chasing profits and countries protecting their interests.. China does it, US does it, EU does it worse,.. I don't know what's the point of this article..

[–]cm18 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child) appears to be the safest search engine for the moment.

We need to identify the individuals in organizations that are actively pushing this stuff. The CCP has done a masterful job of infiltrating our institutions and corrupting them.

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Yeah, that's not true at all. The NSA, DoD, CIA, FBI, DARPA, Vatican, MOSSAD are the ones infiltrating pretty much all major Western institutions and networks.

If China's infiltrating them, they wouldn't be continuously spitting out "China bad" propaganda every 5 seconds.

Why do you think the pedos were so hung up on banning or boycotting TikTok? Why do you think they're filling up TikTok with NSA agents now?

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Not having something come up in auto suggest is not censorship.

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Isn't it the same case as with Twitter which determines trending hashtags that get to be shown?