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Bryson Gray is a good man. Banning such a mild song for "medical misinformation" becomes a gift waking more normies. Contrast it to the Snoop Dogg music video at time 2:52 mock shooting Trump in the head on video.

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What does a mock shooting have to do with YouTube removing a video due to medical misinformation?



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    The guy claimed misinformation, I went off of what he said. I don't any similarity between the song in Snoop's video and the Brandson song video.



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    Lying establishment labeling a music video "medical misinformation" does not make it "medical misinformation", not that this should be a requisite to censor a video regardless. The contrast to the Snoop Dogg videos shows the imbalance in censorship there is by radical lying establishment. They censor videos and songs that are tame ("Let's Go Brandon") while they promote videos with violent portrayals against a president they don't like.

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    radical lying establishment.