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> screenshot of screenshots


> borderline nonsensical phrasing

> thinking that removing the "delete apps" permission in parental controls will somehow prevent apple from deleting apps from your phone

OP does your carer know that you're on the internet?

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Like or don't. I don't carer. It's an image from Facebook and I thought some people might want to know about it.

I don't have a phone much less an iPhone and thus I can't use Telegram but know many folks who do.

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I am making a joke that you are mentally handicapped and require constant supervision because that is the only way someone could be gullible enough to believe that the message/image that you took a screenshot of is legitimate. Apple is not removing Telegram from phones "without their joint notice" (whatever that's supposed to mean) and even if they were, you'd need to be profoundly stupid to think setting parental controls could stop them from doing so.

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Communication requires clarity and understanding from the sender and receiver - including jokes.

Your joke was not good.

If someone took all the trouble to make that "fake" image, their "joke" was also not good.

Apple has a proven record of fucking with people's phones.

Not all settings are binary and it's fundamental that parental controls are an additional level of hierarchical control.

You'd do better in SaidIt if you weren't name-calling (against the rules) and dragging down discussion with "mentally handicapped" and "profoundly stupid" comment responses.

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A person would objectively need to have a very low IQ to think that removing the “delete apps” permission in an iPhone’s parental control settings could stop Apple themselves from deleting apps from your phone. Such a person would legitimately need to have very poor critical and rational thinking skills compared to an average adult.

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So you're saying that you'd have to be stupid to think that the iPhone control would do what it says it would do.

Now that is stupid.