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I've been curious about playing around with those little microbial culture art kits, so thanks in a round-about way for leading me to his store. He's got a lot of really interesting stuff there. I understand his curiosity, hell-- I even share it. It's a dangerous kind of curiosity that tosses caution to the wind for the sake of figuring out if he can prove a hypothesis. Fucking around with CRISPR is on a whole new level though, especially self-injecting with the aftermath. He's well educated, and I'm sure that he's got a pretty good idea of what he's getting himself into, but holy crap that's incredibly brave. It's a shame that he's being silenced, but if other people follow his example that don't share his level of knowledge they could do a lot of damage. CRISPR isn't exactly something that the average person should be DIYing, nor fecal implants.

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I read the title and wondered why he might get censored, just made a wild guess it might have to do with vaccines. Yup.

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That and possibly the DIY fecal implant.

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could be yeah sounds weird but out gut health is important for immunity

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Hooray for censorship! Censors always say it's for your own good.

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It's not something that I'm thrilled about, and I'm sure that the censorship is less due to the fact that he's making any sort of incredible discoveries on his own-- and more likely that he's a threat towards the potential money machine offered by big medicine and big pharma. That's the case with really any form of alternative medicine, or focus on supplementation/herbalism. Studies are sort of smothered away into darker corners, and far less research is put into it to make it seem like it's less trustworthy.

Granting access to more complicated levels of experimentation to your average Joe is pretty dangerous though. To be fair, Leeuwenhoek gifted the world with his own curiosity that led to a ton of discoveries within the scientific/medical communities, and the fucker was just a merchant that was curious. I don't know. I've got very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

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TWENTY threads by 9am. Impressive.

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I can't tell if this is supposed to be a provocative insult or not. As curmudgeony and sometimes incredibly difficult to talk to as Chipit is, he posts some pretty good content usually.

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As curmudgeony and sometimes incredibly difficult to talk to as Chipit is, he posts some pretty good content usually.

i actually agree. but 20 by 9am is impressive even for chipit standards. im not complaining, im looking for employment with whatever company theyre with!

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Cool post.