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This comment to Taibbi's article says it quite plainly, and accurately imo. Mr Bob said:

Simple: It's illegal to bypass the usual red tape and deploy an "emergency" vaccine unless all other alternatives have been thoroughly exhausted. And this emergency vaccine has turned out to be VERY profitable. Not to mention that mRNA "vaccines" have gone from "promising but experimental" to "largest trial of unproven medicine in human history". in order for this to happen, they had to sell the story that there were ZERO other possible alternatives.

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Extremely safe and worrks even better in combination with other medicine.

But if medicine do not produce profits, the companies and government and the scientists are not cooperating. The companies will even push fake studies to prevent it being used.

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lol! Ivermectin, hydroxycloroquine, they cured problems, but probably not covid. So if you have latent parasites, get covid, knock back the parasites, your immune system can now knock back the covid. Same with latent malaria, which is common in many regions of the world.

But for the 3-5% with ACE2/IL-2 genetic malformations, encoding issues for their T cells, they're pretty much fucked. This whole shit show, more or less, was so we didn't have an IRL version of the Marvel Universe SNAP with 1 in 20 dying outright. Like in Brazil, India, Peru, and other nations.

Now the BAD news, its not just the 1 in 20.. Those are the people who could outright die from various known strains.

Those with asymptotic covid are still getting endothelial damage, having superoxides blasted out of their mitochondria, and god only knows what sort of accumulated damages.

Best case scenario, those who lost older family members to covid, might have only lost 5-10 years. They quit smoking, drinking, exercise more, they might gain that back. Or they might develop symptoms typical of ACE2 related illness 20-30 years early.

Note the date on this one is 2007.

And here comes Covid, a disease that hammers ACE2 receptors, and we see what happens.

I guess the theory of years before has been verified with a vengeance.

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Silicon valley is the 1%. Of course they are going to participate in the corruption.