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The left-neoliberal fusionist tyranny is everything they pretended "McCarthyism" was in their martyr mythos, and they haven't even gotten started yet.

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all he does is lie so who cares

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Interesting. I haven't seen any lies or something they've shown to be disproven. Do you have a source showing that something they videotaped is a lie?

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He does not, of course.

The news sources he trusts have spent the past month saying that there was an "armed insurrection" at the Capitol in which a police officer was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher.

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The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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hahahahaha. Every time, you are so reliable.

I'd love to hear how video documented evidence is a "lie"

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He's a Zionist anyway.

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Project Veritas is entirely devoted to spreading lies. They can do that on their own website. Twitter doesn't have to be an accessory to their subversive messaging that's convincing millions of people that criminals like Twittler are somehow representating the 99%, when the opposite if obvious to the rest of the world. Why care about companies like Project Veritas. They're cancer.

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You mean the lies of people they get on video!? I don't really like how O'Keefe editorializes too much, but he does show basically what amount to confessions on tape.

Honestly Project Veritas wouldn't be what it is without the video evidence—hence I think YouTube is actually their Achilles' heel.

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I appreciate your point, but the problem at Twitter has been that the video information used by Veritas has been edited and manipulated in order to fit a right wing lie that Republicans care about the 99% and are actively trying to help, but for the nasty, corrupt Democrats. There are of course bad Democrats that should be voted out of office, but the general focus of the party is to help the 99%, whereas the general focus of the Republican party has been socialism for the 1%, since the time of the Reagan administration.

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since the time of the Reagan administration

Not far back enough. The GOP's origins were as a lobby for northern banking and industrial interests.

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I am not referring to all Republicans.

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if twitter and facebook were censoring topics because one is true and the other is not, why is flat earth agenda allowed to be spread on both facebook and twitter?

answer: because it isnt about censoring lies, it is about silencing opposing political views.

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Good point - but there are numerous conspiracies on these sites, including especially anti-vax disinformation. Indeed, conspiracies aren't the problem. Inciting violence and promoting hatred are the problem. There is also the problem of referring to COVID19 as a hoax whilst we're in the midst of trying to reduce the spread of COVID19, which might be a potential addendum to the racism, hatred, calls to violence. Where you could be right is that some of this is also political, but nearly everything was politicised under Twittler reign. It became for some in the US a political statement to wear a mask or not wear a mask. It's idiotic. The main problem is wanting to organize a killing spree against politicians and peaceful protestors. Private companies like Twitter and Facebook should not support these paramilitary American Taliban gravy seals. Fuck 'em.

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Covid-19 is one of the biggest hoaxes in modern times.

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(You are now permanently banned from /s/censorship)

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The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

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I suppose it doesn't doesn't match the mellifluence of 'they can to that on their own website'.

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How are videos of people admitting their own crimes lies?

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When fit into a misleading narrative...

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Sorry you're mad.

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I doubt it.

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if i were project veritas, i might have put a gps tracking device under this facebook exec's vehicle and then after compiling a complete profile of his typical routes taken, i would then send people in undercover to really interview him.

then put that video up on

if he is gay, for example, i might send someone in to seduce him and video him in some compromising situations.

wouldnt it be fun to do this to some upper crust microsoft and twitter execs?

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sounds gay

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yeah, my point exactly.. i think it would be interesting if perhaps a high school journalist made his presence at locations where a few of these executives go, and then filmed these execs trying to seduce them..

who knows, this journalist might actually end up being invited to some private parties...

facebook and twitter seem to like to hit below the belt, so i say put their feet firmly into a bear trap and see how they like it.

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I think that would, at best, result in a minor scandal which the left would ju-jitzu into "your a homophobia" attack. I mean, I'm a homophobe, and I basically assume that 90% of these people are chickenhawks. Maybe one would be forcibly retired and replaced with another just like him while he picks up a C-level position at another tech firm.

Thankfully, O'Keefe aims a bit higher, at real structural power.

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when attacking your enemy, do not be concerned about their not liking it.. instead, be interested to show to all who and what they really are.


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Good point.

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i would enjoy working as an undercover operative for project veritas. that would be like a dream job for me. i can put on a suit and walk into the nicest of banks and fit right in. I can also buy some old clothes at a thrift store and you will think that i have been homeless for decades. my motto is that rules were made to be broken. when your opponent plays dirty, well then, if dirty is what they want then give them dirty.

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The account probably got flagged by an automated process.

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That P symbol looks awfully similar to a certain Zionist intelligence agency symbol and O'Keefe was paid handsomely by the Schillman's and various dirty ZioCons. He'll be behind a paywall next.

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There are plenty of alternatives to Twitter, Fakebook, Reddit, etc. Them that continue to use and support these commie sites are either masochists, idiots, or a bit of both...much akin to battered airheads that continue to crawl back to the abusive hubby, for another heaping helping of black eyes or broken bones....then whine for sympathy because they got stomped for the 100th time. Enough already! Either flip the leftist-libtards the birdie, or stay in their midst and accept the dogpiles, verbal abuse, censorship, timeouts, bans, etc.