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I've been married to a fascist and a communist and neither would take out the trash. — Lee Grant

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Fascism is capitalism in decay — Lenin

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And communism is billionaires eating the carcass

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In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology. Almost all — perhaps 90–95 percent — came directly or indirectly from the United States and its allies. In effect the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union. Its industrial and its military capabilities. This massive construction job has taken 50 years. Since the Revolution in 1917. It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance.


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giant Antarctic CCCP snow trucks say bollocks

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I've been thinking about billionaires a lot recently—what might someone with 140 billion possibly want? Bill Gates has that much and more. He wants to reduce the population of the planet yet he also wants to give us a "vaccine" that will keep us alive. It seems like a clear contradiction. Some experts, ones with actual medical training, are arguing about whether that brew of chemicals is really a vaccine or something else.

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Life is contradictory sometimes.

If you want to have the greatest amount of happiness for the largest number of people, you'd want to focus on keeping the population at a reasonable level, and ensuring that those who are alive are healthy and well-fed and have purpose.

Ironically, the lockdowns being uncritically accepted worldwide is in part because of the idea that there are no contradictions and there's always a single correct thing to do.

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He didn't actually say this.

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But a lot of people think he did. It seems to me he could have said it while his political worldview was developing and changed his mind later. That happens to a lot of people I hear.

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He said something similar: "imperialism is capitalism in decay." This doesn't actually have anything to do with fascism. If anything, the Soviets were far more imperialistic than the Germans. Who dismantled the British Empire? Not Stalin, for one.

Beginning in the 30s, Marxist revisionists have made an effort of trying to explain fascism as a reactionary stage of capitalism. They have always had trouble explaining the rise of fascism within a Marxist internationalist framework, because it is overly reductionist. In actuality, Italy and Germany were just as much "workers' states" as the Soviet Union, but they remained nationalist as well. However, Lenin didn't comment on this one way or another, as by the time Mussolini had really taken power, Lenin was dead.

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Thank you.

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Communism is Capitalism in decay. Socialist states only arise when the capitalist system fails — never when it's doing well. It's inevitable that Capitalism will fail, so the far-left is right that Capitalism will naturally progress towards Socialism, but they're wrong about it being a good thing.

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It could be a good thing if 45% of the country was not retarded.

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It's an inevitable part of human nature, which is why we need hierarchy and government.

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Or the strong and firm, yet fair, hand of Emperor Muskrat.

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The Provisional All-Russian Government has come to an end. The Council of Ministers, having all the power in its hands, has invested me, Admiral Alexander Kolchak American Muskrat, with this power. I have accepted this responsibility in the exceptionally difficult circumstances of civil war and complete disorganisation of the country, and I now make it known that I shall follow neither the reactionary path nor the deadly path of party strife. My chief aims are the organisation of a fighting force, the overthrow of Bolshevism, and the establishment of law and order, so that the Russian people may be able to choose a form of government in accordance with its desire and to realise the high ideas of liberty and freedom. I call upon you, citizens, to unite and to sacrifice your all, if necessary, in the struggle with Bolshevism.

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"The best form of government is a benevolent dictator."

  • Jesse Ventura

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I don't agree with your first part. I think it is possible to build a utopia, we just do not know how yet.

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He didn't say this and whoever did is wrong.

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It's all over the Internet so try to find out who really said it.

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So I've heard. Maybe someone can correct me, and Lenin.

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Mussolini's been getting censored for a long time I bet. The important caveat to this quote is that when he says "corporate," he is referring to something akin to a trade guild/union. It's a false cognate.

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Yeah, I'm a Corporatist and we believe in trade guilds, but also that they should be integrated into the government, usually through some federal system.

What most Americans mean when they say "Corporatism" is Corporate Capitalism, which is different from the Corporate Syndicalism of true Corporatism.

I'd disagree with Mussolini that Corporatism is inherently fascist, but he was, indeed, a Corporatist to some extent, however, he never actually implemented it.

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The closest thing to this is probably various medical unions and teacher unions which are worse than police unions but still great if you're a corrupt employee... the benefits typicallly are pretty lousy.

Local protection of unions would be better, unfortunately nobody really believes in the whole "fighting for your right to say it" thing, shit would turn into a racket benefiting the higher guilds in no time and then you'd be behind the same teacher, police and various medical union employees in no time paying high union dues with even less benefit. Eventually even these government employees would demand more and the "lower" guilds would pay the price.

It's funny, as much as the middle class hates the lower, they sure as fuck depend on them for a LOT in the future. Tons.

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What you're talking about is more like mainstream Syndicalism. Corporatists don't like worker's unions because they're easily infiltrated by Communists, and don't do much other than hurt the economy and steal worker's wages to pay the salaries of corrupt union bosses.

We support right to work legislation, but believe every worker should be a member of a government-sponsored guild for their trade. Corporatism would look more like the Director's Guild, which has done a pretty good job at self-regulating the film industry, but it's been infiltrated by Communists — but to be fair, the entire country's been infiltrated, so it would be unfair to single them out.

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I'd still rather pay corrupt union bosses, tbh; at least there's an actual person there who is more likely to be blamed when they fuck up.

Not everyone can be a director, technocrat or a lawyer. And the only reasons M. Night Shamalamalan, Jeff Bozo, Mark "Fucking Morons" Zuckerberg and Johnny Cochrane would ever need unions would be to supersede their respective corporations like the google employees.

Subversive people are always the most paranoid of people and organizations exactly like themselves.

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wow never heard of that weak excuse trying to say corporate meant unions lol nice try tho

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I'd recommend reading up on what Corporatism actually is, instead of assuming you know everything about it.

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Truth is treason in the empire of lies!

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They will stab you because they think you have a knife and it's dangerous.

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You are referring to Biden's uninformed idiots who get their political ideas from Twitter I presume.

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The military has to protect Washington DC because Trump gets his idiots to attack the police. At this time, facebook can delete your mussolini quote if it wants to.