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Poor Detrans are going to be mentally crushed if they stay there for much longer.

They are still holding on to the hope that if they are just good and nice enough, follow the rules perfectly, they will be ok.

Nothing will ever be enough, the TRA want to destroy them. Their very existence threatens the movement too much. They hate them, far worse hate than any transphobia. It wouldn't surprise me if we see violence irl against detrans people soon, and their sub will have enabled it by playing to the mob and not standing up for their people.

Detrans mods have already taken to stabbing their friends in the back to appease the trans mods, which goes against the being nice tactic somewhat. How far are they willing to go to be seen as good guys and what will it cost them.

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Anytime I read [X]phobia it kills me a bit inside that morons managed to add such stupidity to the lexicon in Western countries. Disgust or disapproval are not equivalent to fear.

I think poop is pretty gross, I don't want to touch it any more than I have to take care of business - changing diapers is an unpleasant chore, especially baby girls. Plenty of people will adopt this look when you remind them:

Fear and disgust are not mutually exclusive, but they are 99% of the time. In order to destroy the influence such subversive language has on people, it's better to adopt your own terms for being against something harmful or degenerate. Under such a strategy you strip the negatives from words or rearrange the negative to work in favor of your view.

  • "Islamophobic" becomes "Pro Western": Angle of attack - The totalitarian doctrine of the Quran makes any adherent a danger to all apostate forms of government - Taqiyya. Use Pew research to show average Muslim opinions on Western norms and terrorism.
  • "Transphobic" becomes "Gender Realist": Angle of attack - Exposure of what a "sex change" actually entails and how similar a "transitioned" individual is to the real thing. The male and female versions of this are equally horrifying. I think most normies harbor extreme delusions about what this is. The same sort of delusions TV writers harbor about "hackers".
  • "Homophobic" becomes "Normal sexually": Angle of attack - Juxtapose gay public behavior (pride parades, etc.) and statistics (pedophilia, drug use, disease transmission rates) against normal people. Start with "2% of the population account for 40% of pedophiles" and work your way down from there.

The facts and evidence are on your side if you argue that any of these things are objectively bad for Western nations and culture / and should not be promoted in any fashion. Put the other party on the defensive instead of going on the defensive yourself just because someone falsely claimed you were "irrationally afraid" of something. Emotional arguments are the domain of the deranged left; you can't beat them on feels, just reality.

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Canada, my country, is one of the Western countries that has decided that "Islamaphobia" is a real thing and Islam is the only religion to recieve privileged protection under the law. It's disgusting. People that don't like Islam and its disgusting sects are not irrationally scared of it, they hate it because Islam is a cancer.

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Language isn't perfect but fear and disgust do have enough overlap that I think it's legitimate to use "phobia" to designate some degree of both, as long as we understand what is being implied. You're right that it's a muddy, overloaded term though.

Think of sticking your hand in a shitty toilet. It's technically disgusting (root word "gustus" for taste), as it might make you gag or vomit. But you'd also rather not stick your hand in there in the first place, maybe because of the consequence of getting sick from it, and that aversion & avoidance is the same emotion as fear.

There are legitimate concerns about the consequences of the trans movement that I would rather avoid. You can call that fear. I'm afraid for the rights of children to grow up unmolested in their perfectly healthy body which medicine cannot improve by alteration. I'm afraid for the rights of women to assemble in their own spaces away from they eyes and opinions of the other sex. I'm afraid for dedicated athletes who have put in a life's work only to have it stolen by a walk-up male punter. I'm afraid for the health consequences of someone who goes into transition without understanding everything it entails.

What I take issue with is the use of "phobia" as some kind of insult—it's most often not even used descriptively.

It's perfectly natural to be repelled by unnatural or dangerous things, and you can't just shame that out of a person by saying it. If I'm disgusted by someone's surgical alterations & wary of their attempts to deceive me about their true nature, that's the truth. I think I'd rather own the term and say that I am.

We learn to politely say "not attracted" in a neutral tone, when we really think "ew, gross". Let's stop pretending and lying about how we feel.

Saying "you arachnophobic piece of shit" really makes no sense, and is not going to make someone want to stick their head in a nest of spiders any more just to avoid being accused of it. By attaching shame to it, the more likely response is they'll want to play it off so you leave them alone, and say something like "of course I'm not phobic, I love spiders, I could pick them up any time... I just don't want to right now.", and that's the game everyone is playing right now.

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Awesome post. I keep looking for the suffix for "disgust" instead of "fear" to make better neologisms. Sadly my Greek and Latin are nonexistent.

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Great post

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Agreed. They are trying to do the right thing, accept themselves for who they always were, and here reddit is trying to crush their community offering help. It's despicable over there, but at least they will have a home here.

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How the actual fuck did AHS gain so much power ? I've visited it out of curiosity, and man this is where the real hatred takes place. It's like a fucking cult. Most of their members are actively brigading subs they deem "hateful". Isn't that against Reddit's global rules ?

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A lot of their mods are trans-activists AND are paid reddit employees.

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Reddit was/is banning the wrong people!

TRAS use masstagger to alert each other the minute someone writes a post that is wrong-think.

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I know !! I got banned from r/actuallesbians even though I never posted there, but their mods (the woke Stasi lol) saw that I posted in r/truebisexuals. I'm not even GC, I support trans rights, yet they still hate me because I said that they shouldn't force girldick on lesbians or sth like that

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Certain mods are all for grooming children.

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Certain mods can do nothing but think with their ladydick 24/7.

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Like Maxwellhill

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Didn’t a mod from one of those "anti-hate" subs get caught offering female hormones and a meetup irl to a teenage boy?

I am sick of that site. I was taught to be tolerant of everything but these people are too much.

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Reddit has lost it. They are shodowbanning like crazy anyone who speaks against the covid-19 propaganda or black lives matter.

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r/sissyhypno is a lotta fun when yr drunk tho

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although i am quite disgusted by that idea as i see beauty in diversity, but i am more disgusted by the censorship of it. the correct way is to have an open conversation, but it seems centrists are less and less each day.