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Hmm, after seeing Reddit recently censored many pages, including 911truth, we see former Atlantic Council Employee Jessica Ashooh is now Reddit's Director of Policy.

And who has Facebook partnered with? Facebook Partners With the Atlantic Council to Fight Election Propaganda

What a coinkydink...

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This is freaking insane. Something has to change.

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How can Facebook and Twitter not see this as detrimental to their companies in the long term? This is a another short term knee jerk reaction. I dunno, perhaps they figure people will just forget about it like those WMDs in Iraq or the Patriot Act that keeps all so safe.

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i think they are censorship and surveillance entities above all else - governmental agencies that can be subsidized with tax money if needed.

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And the organizations who really oversee these companies may know that the bubble is going to burst and really couldn't care less about future profitability. Or, perhaps they want to see the downfall of social media in general. It appears that the capital of public opinion is currently worth more to them, and the overt actions to reclaim the narrative online are obvious. They really seem to be reaching here at the moment, which could indicate weakness.

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This is nuts, they're risking reputation and profitability to keep the Feds happy. Going after progressive media isn't going to end well. I finally deleted my account over this.

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they are getting ready for the elections. looks like they are not going to take any prisoners :-)

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yeah things are going to get ugly. I guess when your party has no platform and no attractive candidates, all you can do is censor and criticize the competition.