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This seems like part of a very concerted effort across the board to define status quo “acceptable” discussions and curtail the free speech that has gotten a little too “threatening” to certain entrenched interests.

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It’s honestly getting scary af, George Orwell was a modern day Nostradamus

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hey there! :-)

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Ahhhh, I know you! (Now) lol

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The authors of both the books, and the article act like they have no idea why the books would be banned. Amazon isn't out banning books from conservative authors just because they're conservative. There are thousands of such books and authors still being sold on the website.

I haven't read his books and I don't know why Amazon pulled them from it's website, but he is quoted as advocating for the legalization of rape as well as admitting to raping two women. So, maybe the fact that his books probably contain similar sentiments of advocating and promoting rape has something to do with it.

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They've been banning controversial WWII books for years, even non holocaust denier ones. There's a list of about 100 banned books floating around.

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The only lists I was able to find (1 and 2) are on websites with a definite Holocaust-denial theme. I was able to find a few other accounts (asides from Daryush Valizade's books) of authors having their books pulled. One was a historical, non-fiction book about the Confederate battle flag, which seems like a dumb thing to censor; a couple others had graphic depictions of rape (also in other material that amazon hasn't pulled); other erotica that for some reason was decided to be more pornographic than the other erotica that they sell; and some others for incest and/or pedophilia.

It seems like they know what kinds of things they don't want to carry, but they have so many titles and items that they don't always know what they're selling. While you can still find books/items on Amazon with similar themes, most of the banned items either had provocative titles or had become controversial in the wider media. I'm guessing that you can write a book about raping the neighborhood boy scout troop and sell it on Amazon as long as the title is uninteresting and the news doesn't hear about it.