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"Phase 3 has begun" (Archive)

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Not sure the of the legitimacy or power the moderators have on that subreddit.

As they describe, their goal is to remove subreddits from Reddit, that allegedly violate sidewide rules.

They are claiming to be responsible for the banning of several subreddits already, including (from Phase 1):

MillionDollarExtreme, MillionDollarExtreme2, billionshekelsupreme, GorillionYuanDream, trillionrubelregime, ChadRight, debatechadright, HydeNationalism, SamHydeFanCult, ChadLeft, BSSneverdies

There are currently 4 phases, 2 of them being complete already.

Some upcoming bannings/removals include: The_Donald, yiffinhell, transgenderkids, sjwhate, TheRedPill, 4Chan, againstmensrights, LeftistWatch.

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