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James Corbett does too notch work. I just learned of him about 3 months ago, and binge watched his material. Called out 9/11 since 2007.

He is an avatar of 'woke'. With a notable exception. My only issue with his work is his climate change denial.

  • The glaciers are receding.

  • Polar caps are melting.

  • Northern passage is clear.

I agree with him about TPTB and their eugenics agenda.

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That's interesting he's a climate change denier. So he just thinks it's not happening at all, or he just thinks it's not human-caused?

People did freak out about the ozone layer pretty badly, and there was even "global cooling" in the 70s. The media does have a tendency to blow things out of proportion to get views. It's getting harder to deny the changes in weather patterns though.

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As far as I can tell he thinks people aren't doing it. I think that his position is that "UN Agenda 21" (which is a real thing) is a long-term globalist strategy for global government, and the dissolution of national sovereignty.

He presents some compelling evidence. Climate change is relevant to this in that Rockefeller recognized that there are limited resources on the planet, and that overpopulation would be a long-term issue.

In order to address this the first-round strategy of population control was eugenics, which was disgraced by the Nazis (fortunately). So the 2nd round strategy was to propagandize fossil fuel consumption as a Trojan horse to get the world to reduce consumption, population, etc.

There's a 3-part story in which he presents significant evidence to back up his assertions. He's definitely on to something. It is something that everyone should see. I'll post it later and send you a link.

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That's very interesting. I've heard of UN Agenda 21 as well and it doesn't give me a good feeling when I read about it.

I can see what you're getting at with the rounds of strategy. However I'd like to point out that Rockefeller made his money from Standard Oil, so if anything he would want to encourage the over use of oil to the detriment of the atmosphere. Perhaps instead of it being a trojan horse to control others through reduction efforts, perhaps instead it was a bid to destroy the atmosphere through over-use of oil, which benefit Standard Oil as well as then creating a problem he could offer the solution to, as well as being another round of eugenics as species die off and the rich live in fancy bunkers and wait it out for a few decades, then can exit their bunkers and take over the world and fix the atmosphere.

Not saying I buy in to this theory entirely, but if I were the logic of it seems to be more like this. It doesn't make sense to me that Rockefeller would push a strategy that might hurt his oil company. Perhaps I'm not totally understanding correctly. Maybe I should just watch the video haha.