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It would be nice if the pyramid of debate applied universally. Every "downward" response I gave wasn't invented from nowhere.

Looking back it's extremely easy to say, "Oh, I should have stopped there and been the bigger person," to the many who felt they needed to pile on.

In the moment I'm just replying in kind, sometimes in defense, occasionally to challenge their stances, and often to try to help them rethink things if they're capable. I wasn't thinking about accumulating drama - which is never done alone. But I can make an effort to consider the grander scheme.

I didn't start antagonizing people. The opposite. I don't know what you mean by gross non-sequiturs.

As far as "creating drama", that's a broad concept. I was unbanned. Many folks learned more about the mod rules and other SaidIt norms. And a new policy is under consideration. Some good things have happened here. Drama happens. It's seeded, and sometimes nurtured, but not really created. I certainly don't do this every day, every week, or every month, so it's hardly a habit much less strategy. If I could predict it I could certainly try to stop it.

I do abide the pyramid. And I'll try to keep your points in mind.

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We don't want to (((rethink))), mind your own business and stop discussing your weird fetishes cuck

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Seeing as I wasn't talking to you, yet you insist upon thrusting your lewd intercourse between our shared steamy words, would you admit there's some irony when you say, "mind your own business"?

For someone who doesn't want to hear about my weird cuck fetishes, you sure do talk about them a lot. Are you living vicariously through my real life adventures and funderful sexcapades? Hawt.

Also, what does "(((rethink)))" mean? Is that related to or like (((the Jews)))? Or does that mean (((something else)))? Regardless, if you rethink something you might just learn something new upon a second review. Your loss if you don't.