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propaganda (lying) aimed at the american public is legal only since 2012, so i dont think they want or need to make it illegal. plus, lies and censorship were the norm even before that and they did it non-stop without consequences anyway..

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Yep, came here to mention the Smith-Mundt act. This is a great topic, OP, and I'm curious what solutions will be possible. Nobody except the most checked-out want to be constantly lied to and manipulated. It's time it stopped.

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Interesting take on the situation, I'd instantly agree if it weren't for human greed and what lengths people will go to satisfy it.

I'm still not convinced that this isn't just a bunch of number pushers willing to sell the last piece of trust in the media for a few dollars extra.

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The problem with the idea of "they are compromising for views to liquidate their credibility" angle is that it isn't helping them get views. People are watching CNN less and less.

A better explanation that I can gather, or two of them, is that the advertisement model is dead and all news is now paid fluff or damage pieces and 80% of the payment is coming from one or two parties so it's the same story every day.. or..

A lot of powerful people including CEOs or friends of CEOs of some of these media companies are implicated in something and trying to save their neck.

Or a combination of the two where some people trying to save their neck are funding a lot of garbage.

Either way the advertisement model is dead and it seems to actually be a bad thing. The idea that advertisers cause bias in media, turns out you can do worse. Sponsorship is even worse than advertisement, and I think they have hidden sponsors.

Probably better than censoring news is to just stop calling it news. Then it loses it's danger. Calling CNN fake news is a misnomer. It's like calling direct mail political advertising news. It's just a different vehicle for faux-activist organizations / politicians to push crap.

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MSM ratings have been declining for years. They are trying to juggle two needs

  1. get higher ratings

  2. show news the elites want and allow

Easy to do one but hard to do both

The news TV shows lost ratings cuz of internet and more people going there to get news, no/less ads and more truth, people knew deep down for years the media was lying. JFK being a big thing, watergate, then 9/11 and WMDs were last straw.

the music industry being hurt by downloading is similar. They have slwoly been retaking control over the internet. If advertising model is dead that'd be great but we are on this obscure website with no ads in the first placer cuz we are a fews of the few people to avoid other sites like reddit which is heavily censored not to mention things like fb which is ad heavy, twitter, instagram etc which most normie humans use.

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we're approaching an age of media rebrands IMO. all the media will rebrand, so nobody knows what's truth or not. It'll all be a fucked up mess like they want.